Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mothers Day Gift Bags.

So this year Elder's Quorum was given the assignment to do Mother's Day Gifts in our ward. Considering Daniel is the Elder's Quorum President, it became my assignment. I instantly saw this as an opportunity to do something cute and different... and to have some crafting fun!

Taking into consideration I am poor, the budget allowed to pay for these gifts by the ward was reasonably low, and I needed to provide approx 70 gifts, I knew I needed some help. My initial thought was to do treat bags. I could make a cute greeting, have some goodies in a bag, nice and easy... but that was until I talked with my Stampin' Up! demonstrator. Her ideas... fabulous. Scrap what I thought cause it was rubbish!

With her help we came up with a sweet little idea. It only took about 4 hours to construct all 70 gifts. Best of all, Daniel was a HUGE help. He might be slow, but he kept going until it was done. I'm proud of his efforts! :)

Easter houses

I have posted these cute little houses on my regular blog, but thought I'd pop them on here too. I made 6 of these for my Beehive's at church for their Easter gifts. I filled them with eggs. I think they're a cute, fun and different way of giving Easter gifts.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Previous crafting successes.

So taking into account I have been more heavily involved in craft for the last year, it may take a little while to post all the things I have made, worthy of showing you. So let's start from the beginning...

Christmas Crafts 2009:


I bought these two Reindeer from Lincraft, they were about $8 each, and just plain cardboard type paper mache. My mum, several years ago bought two cute Reindeer just like these, but they were painted gold with gold leafing all over them, they have cute collars with Holly & bells and glitter and such, and cute little saddles. So I thought I'd try my hand at doing this... and this what I came up with. I love them!

In either November or December of 2009, our ward Relief Society put on a Midnight Madness craft night. They put together different workshops of different crafts, and then you just pick and pay for which you'd like to do. The next few items are from that night - well I got them that night anyway, took forever to actually finish everything!!

Christmas Cushions

These were three stitcheries I did, and turned them into cushions. I'm happy with how they turned out. But I will admit I get so very confused with measurements and cutting out fabric etc, so Alicia had to help me with these.

Quiet Bag

For Spencer's Christmas present I thought I would give him A)something age appropriate B) something he desperately needed. A Sacrament Meeting Quiet Bag. I filled it with all sorts of activities, flip charts, crayons, colouring in books, some little toys.. and you get the idea. I believe he quite likes it.

I have been casually asked by a friend if I could make one of these bags for her daughter. I suppoooooose I could make them for other's kids. They can be time consuming so don't expect it too soon!

I think this will be sufficient for my first post. Still PLENTY more to come!!