Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life through the lens of an iPhone

I am really bad at taking my camera with me to places, so my iPhone camera helps me out quite a bit.  Thankfully it doesn't take that bad of picture (for a phone anyway).  So here's my life in pictures over the last couple of months.....

My first double yolker, only took 26.5 years.
Discovering the antique sewing machine that has been hiding in mums sewing table all these years.
Sole of my 2 week old shoe disembarking on it's own journey whilst at work.
Hilariously packing husby into the trailer whilst moving.... very overtired.
Rings got re-plated and polished.
Got new shoes!
Celebrated husby's birthday with a giant delicious berry trifle.
Used and abused a 50% off Indian voucher....
Enjoyed the view from our balcony on our mini holiday.
Finding the best pickles in Australia
Tempted to buy
Making the twin towers out of lego in memory on 9/11.

 So, what have you been up to?

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Monday, September 12, 2011

A little bit frazzled


I have had a shocking 24 hours.  Pretty suprised I haven't cracked and sobbed like a baby in the corner yet...... yet being the key word.  You know what would cheer me up? 

If you entered my giveaway!

Thank the heavens I can go home tonight and eat chocolate until I feel sick.  And then I can crawl into bed and have weird sugar high dreams all night, and laugh about them tomorrow, while I make awesome crafty goodness.