Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogger Butt - 2 week catchup

Well I haven't done an update for a while.  Last Friday (which is when I do my BB update) I was away on holidays which you can read about here and see the pretty pictures.  So I skipped out for a week.  And in true holiday style, there was NO WAGON in sight!!! And that's the way I planned it.  Husby and I enjoyed some delicious treats and ate out a couple of times.  It was wonderful.  I KNEW I would put on weight and was totally OK with that.  But when I got on the scales, I was SHOCKED...... to find out I'd only put on 500 grams.  Fantastic!!  So I haven't weighed in since then - as weigh in day is Wednesdays. 

But I have other news.  As it was my birthday Tuesday of this week, husby got me a fabulous gift... a Weight Watcher's membership!  So now I am officially a WW girl and need to learn the new Pro Points system.  It is already hurting my head!! I really need to go to a meeting and get the new books and I'm sure that will all help.  I have the new free app for my phone so that will no doubt help.

As for the wagon coming back into town.  I have had such trouble getting myself back on track this week after a lovely week of not having to count.  I didn't go crazy with my eating last week, but I certainly enjoyed some yummy things.  It only took me a week to destroy my mental strength!!!  But I am trying hard again, and have done some exercise this week.  All I hope to achieve when I weigh in on Wednesday is to be back on track with where I was the week before my holiday. 

Oh and have you tried Weight Watchers new frozen Beef Lasange meal?  It's sooo tasty!!  You should try it.  And husby tells me the Satay Chicken is also quite desirable.  I love it when they're on special at Coles, I buy like 10 of them!!!

Now onto my thoughts and things for the past two weeks:

- Tim Tams probably aren't the best thing to eat for breakfast
- Since starting WW I've cut back on my dairy intake, and I no longer enjoy the flavour of milk, which is good cause now I don't want to drink it!
- Homemade pizza is delicious - especially when you put avocado on. 
- I'm feeling excited at the prospect of buying new smaller sized clothes in the upcoming months
- I'm glad I have sewing skills so I can alter some of my clothes as I shrink so I can keep wearing them
- Grapes give you gas (I'm serious)
- Eating at meal times helps with my energy levels
- A few moths ago I discovered my magic number of hours of sleep at night was 8 - lately it doesn't feel like enough.  I might trial 9.  (I know I know, wait till I have kids, and I'll never sleep again)
- Moving furniture has become my main exercise over the last month, strangely
- Wearing white as a fat lady isn't the worst thing in the world.  It can actually work sometimes
- I am beautiful even if I have more rolls then the bakery
- Housework sucks - oh wait sorry that one slipped in
- I can't eat as much as I could even a few months ago, and I am also better at listening to my stomach and when it is full!  (this is a HUUUUGE one for me)
- I have a new stretch mark at the top of the back of one of my arms - it makes me feel like crying.  It's the first of it's kind to appear on my arms.  RUDE!
- Watermelon is my all time most favourite "snacking while making dinner" food that ever existed. 
- My lactose intolerance has eased off a little - which is AWESOME
- Water is still amazing
- I wish sweet potatoes were cheaper so I could cook with them more often.  Same goes for tomatoes.
- Crunchy salad is my favourite salad - if you want I can email you the recipe.

And I think that's it.  I think I might make pizza's again for dinner tonight.  I just chop up a tonne of vegies really finely, and for meat use shredded ham cause it's less fattening then bacon and mince and all that, and then sprinkle a tiny bit of mozarella on top.  Oh and avocado of course :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Giveaway win

I won a giveaway a little while ago and wanted to share what I got because I love it.  It's nothing huge, but I really like it!!  

Cute headband huh?  If you want to purchase one of your own, pop over to Caroline G's shop!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holiday Report

Husby and I had a lovely week away last week.  Even though we both ended up hurting ourselves (my neck and husby's back), we still were able to relax and sit back and unwind.  Here's some snapshots of our week.

Part of our view.  That's Surfer's Paradise in the distance.  Husby has much better pictures of this on his camera.

Under water husby!

Under water me.  It's rather attractive isn't it?

Mum and my nephew came to visit one day.

My pale skin got some sun.

We made pizza one night... one of the best homemade pizza's I've ever tasted!
Only bad complaint about our holiday was the bed... which is nothing unusual right?  It was so uncomfortable!!  Already thinking of our next holiday, whenever that will be...