Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Organise Craft Desk: Complete!

The organisation of my craft desk has been evolving for quite some years now. There have been many different ideas, storage items, boxes, baskets, tubs, drawers, racks & caddy's! 

The biggest turning point in my organisation began when I bought my big desk! It is 1m x 2m and it has given me a nice and large space to work with. I don't need too much actual work space, and it is probably best that way so I don't spread out too much mess! I needed a large desk so I could store lots of goodies on it!

A couple of months ago I bought my 4x2 Expedit shelf from Ikea to sit on my desk. It was to replace the hutch shelf I used to have on there. It wasn't able to hold very much so it just got in the way in the end and needed to be replaced with something more functional!

After the Expedit shelf arrived, I got myself some drawers & baskets to hold the awkward items, and arranged them in the cubby's.

All that was left to organise was my cardstock & ribbon. And that is where Colcraft comes in! Col makes custom designed craft storage units. You tell him what you want, and he can make it for you. And for an EXCELLENT price too folks. 

Col made my A4 cardstock units & my ribbon holders. They match in beautifully with my Expedit!!

All that is now left to do organisation wise my in craft room is to sort out my drawers a little better. I tend to be messy with drawers so if I can find a better solution I can see myself going for it! 

So if you need some help with your craft desk organisation, duck over to Colcraft and scroll through the albums to get some ideas flowing!

And now, I'm about to pull out all my bits and bobs and make a mess of my desk and create some beautiful things! :)


Monday, November 18, 2013


I have had a busy day today and haven't had time to work on today's blog post until now. The good thing about that is, I have had the whole day to be thinking about what I could blog about. There aren't any new promotions or specials or sales to tell you about at the moment, so I was thinking about what I've been working on, and what I could share with you. I was thinking about events in the future, Christmas projects, decorating projects... there were so many option to choose from. But the one thing that stood out in my mind was thinking back to where I started.

Made on: 23rd May 2010.
I started to craft when I was engaged. We had a very very small budget to pull off two engagement parties (one in the USA & one in Australia), so I decided to make my own decorations. And that is how it all really got started. This is what got my fingers itching to do more. Not long after getting married a friend invited me to her Stampin' Up! workshop (she is a demonstrator, and is my upline). This was my first exposure to card making & paper crafting and before I knew it I was buying bits and pieces off her, and picking up craft supplies from the store. Fast forward a couple of months and I was papercrafting at home in my free time and I was attending & hosting workshops in my home (trying to earn free products mostly hehe).

Made on: 28th September 2010.
Fast forward again another month or two, and I was ready to try my hand at selling what I was making. At that time, I was really nervous about selling my work. But with the assurance of my husband and my family & friends who all were impressed at what I was making, I gave it a go and started to advertise selling cards here on this exact blog just over 4 years ago! Things went well, and I sold the majority of cards I was making. As time passed I bought more and more products: ink pads, stamp sets, designer papers, cardstock, embellishments, ribbons... My craft stash literally EXPLODED from a desk to a room.  Whoops..... 

Now to the point of what I was thinking about today. 

I HAVE COME SO FAR! It's so easy to get caught up in the now. Caught up in the disappointments, in the could have's, in the should have's, in the I thought that would have gone differently's, and in the I wish it happened the way I planned's.... (I love making up words). I still get disappointed, I still wish things went differently, I still wish I had more exposure & more customers & more sales. But you know what, I've done pretty darn well for myself, and I'm proud of myself.

Made on: 3rd April 2012.
I've accomplished so many things. I have established myself in the social media world in such a huge way. I have a great blog, and I have lots of beautiful followers & readers. I have a great following on my Facebook page and enjoy interacting with people on there. I am having a great time in Instagram & Twitter also!

Made on: 18 November 2013.
I still have so far to go to reach my goals, and I will always strive to achieve bigger and better things, but today as I've thought back over the past few years I have been able to see my growth & accomplishments, I've been able to look back on lessons I've learnt through trial and error, and know that I can achieve my goals. It can only get better from here!! 

Thank you for all you do to support me in my business! :)