Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogger Butts - I think I'm 3 weeks in now.

So I anticipated this past week to have been much more fantastic then the last - which you can read about here.  But guess what.  It sucked even more then last week!!!!!!  It's been a bad week, and I've been feeling really stressed and frustrated, but i won't go into that now.  I only lost 0.2kg last week.  But I need to remain positive.  So far my total weight loss is 4.6kg, over a 3 week period.  So even though the last two weeks results have been less then exciting, I am still doing well considering I've only been on the WW wagon for a short time.  It's hard to not get ahead of myself and expect such instant results.  Hopefully the weeks will go by faster and I can consistently lose weight each week when I weigh in.  MUST REMAIN POSITIVE.

So as usual, some of my thoughts and experiences from the past week:

- discovered 1 pt creme caramel, which im now obsessed with
- rediscovered my love for pineapple juice and it's refreshing flavour
- I only exercised once and loathed every of those 30 minutes
- worked out a WW friendly way to make Mexican only to discover husby and I both felt sick afterwards because of the richness of the flavour (we can't seem to handle rich foods anymore)
- drank a tonne of water again
- someone noticed my weight loss in my stomach area
- one of my pairs of Capri's fits more comfortably again
- I re-discovered what a long good nights sleep can do for my body to make it feel normal (had 12 1/2 hrs!)
- I've had more zits this week then I've had in months combined.. sigh.  Maybe the pineapple juice?
- I decided to get my hair cut a little shorter and sneakily realised this may impact my 'weight loss' for next week hahahaha
- told myself that I MUST change my attitude towards exercise and at least make the effort to do it twice a week
- I got a little slack at writing my food and points down as the day went on, and got to the end of the day to discover I only had like 5 points left for dinner.  I've been better at writing down since
- I celebrated the fact that one day when I decide to have a baby, I won't cry and whine about getting stretch marks, because I already have them all over my stomach and boobs and to me that's just normal
- WW frozen meals were on special.  I bought like 12 of them... oops.
- made a decision that when I exercised, that I wouldn't then eat the points I had just earnt back.

And that's about it for this week.  The next week will be interesting.  Husby and I were notified yesterday that our house is being painted next week.  So we are mid destroying our house... emptying all cupboards and putting things in boxes and drawers and yeah.  It's less then fun to say the least.  BUT, I can totally count moving furniture as exercise right?  I might be a crazy lady when I check in next Friday, cause we're moving in with my parents.......  Wish me luck.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Softies for Smiles - UPDATE!

First of all, THANK YOU to all those who have sent softies so far.  They are all AMAZING.  I received two more parcels in the post yesterday from Dianne & Vanessa and I haven't had a chance to thank you yet, but they're all ADORABLE.  The girls at work loved them and we had some of them on our desks for the day to adore their cuteness :)

I have heard back from two groups who are organising fun days in communities that were flooded.  Both are fantastic options to take the softies to and hand them out to the children myself (which I am super eager and excited about doing!)  I am looking into logistics and which date will work best.  One is end of March, the other is beginning of April.  I will let you know within the next week which one is a go and give you ALL the details.  

And lastly I have had some helpers to get more softies made!!  Thanks to my gorgeous nephew & some of the girls at church, and of course to all of you wonderful women out there who have sent in softies, I have got 35 softies in my hot hands ready to give to these wonderful little kiddies!!  

Here are some piccies of some of the softies being made.

Now I need to tell you the story behind this last picture.  Mr Nephew wanted to help his Aunty Christy to "make toys for the kids who don't have toys", in his words.  He proceeded to stuff only about a handful of toy filling in, and then proudly comes and shows me the monster he had just made himself.  I then asked him if he remembered who we were making the toys for.  He promptly responded with "for Spencer!!!!", with glee.  I explained to him that we were making them for the kids who lost their toys in the floods.  Then he asked me if I could make him one because he "lost all of his toys too".  (gotta love how kids minds work).  I told him I could make him one in the upcoming week. 

This is the softie he helped me to make.  When I asked him what he wanted his monster to look like, he was holding this softie, and he goes, "I want it to be stripey blue, with red eyes and a yellow stomach!!!"  Then he looked at me with those eyes.  Needless to say the monster is now part of his softie collection on his bed.  How could I say no???? 

Yay for weekends!  I'll update you soon, and post some piccies of the softies I've received in the post!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

No words, just work - trying to keep up with demand.  Making their way into the shop tonight & tomorrow...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Creative Space is a Wonderful WIP & an Organised 'Room' Challenge

THREE birds with one stone :)

Well my craft quarters are in transition.  After much complaining, thinking, begging & saving, I have a new set up underway.  I'll talk you through it.  


Yeah, it might be tidy, but it drove me mad.  Most of my things didn't have a home.  They sat stacked up on top of each other, in boxes, in bags, in piles.  I hated it.  So I pleaded with the husby for a new storage solution.  I explained that if he wants me to be successful in creating and selling my goods (which he has always expressed that he does), then I need a work space that doesn't hurt my head.  He understood and we did some shopping around for ideas.  We settled on something and a few weeks later, which was last Friday, I ventured to Ikea after work to buy this...

Husby worked all night Friday so I had to haul the 2 boxes of lead up the stairs myself.  I still have bruises to prove I got them up.  Holy hell, it was like dragging a human up stairs (not that I know, just clarifying).

I didn't bother trying to assemble it that night.  I used the time Friday night to sew up some doily table runners for the shop - but haven't had time since to put them in there of course.  I promise I'll do it soon!!

Next morning, I was reading the instructions, and saw this...

 ...and laughed, and continued to do it myself.  After about 20 mins of banging around, husby gave up on sleeping and came and helped me anyway haha!!

We have no space in our house, so decided to construct the shelf in my craft room.  It was TIGHT.

See how it's pressed right up against my table?  Yeah.. whilst lifting it up, we had a few cm's clearance both sides of the shelf to the two tables in the room.  Twas close!!

Then there was the confusing job of putting together the plastic box inserts... I never did get the hang of it so let husby do them.  I put the felt stickers on the bottoms and opened the boxes ready for him to assemble.
Next was filling the shelf.  We couldn't move anything out of the room unless the stuff in it or on it was moved first.  So we positioned the shelf in the middle of the room and I filled it.  After I while I cleared and removed one of the trussle tables, which allowed me to start moving furniture around.  It took me TWO DAYS to do get it to how it looks now...

But there is still work to be done.  The other trussle table & the wooden desk are yet to go.  I will be inheriting husby's study "L shaped" desk for my work table, and the hutch on my current wooden desk will be mounted on my new desk.  Then I will be 'borrowing' from my parents a bedside table to store all my paper in, until we find a more permanent solution for all my paper/patterned paper/paper scraps.  I also currently have nowhere to store stationery - so another one yet to tackle.  In the meantime, this is the setup...

Ooooh I almost forgot!  I sorted out ALL of my cupboards upstairs.  I will only show you one for now.. the one in my craft room.  I re-arranged all my fabrics to the other side of the wardrobe.  I was tired of trying to fit the vacuum with the hose in there amongst all the long hanging fabric.  

Ahhhh, much better!!  And that's it for now!  Now to work out part 2 of this re-organisation.  I'm so excited!  

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's your favourite linky parties?

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What are some of your favourites that I don't have listed here?  I'd love to join in with more of them!!  Hope you're all having a fab weekend and keeping cool.  It's blistering outside!!!