Friday, February 7, 2014

Catalogue Launch Party Part 3 - the display projects!

To read about Part 1 - the setup, click here
To read about Part 2 - the food table, click here.

As part of our main display area I had lots of beautiful projects I made using the new products. I tried to use as many of the new products as I could so that everyone could see how versatile & gorgeous they looked in action. I won't go into every single detail of what I used to make each project, but I will point you in the direction of which catalogue they are from and the page number under each photo so you can have a little looksie yourself. Online catalogues can be viewed here if you don't have a paper copy.  

NOTE: The Mini Occasions Catalogue is the orange one which says "Celebrate the everyday".

Mini Catalogue. Pages 26 & 27.
Mini Catalogue. Page 27.
Mini Catalogue. Pages 26 & 27.
Mini Catalogue. Pages 26 & 27.
Mini Catalogue. Pages 26 & 27.

These 5 projects I made using the Kaleidoscope Suite. It is my favourite suite in the new Mini Catalogue. There are 2 stamp sets, 3 Big Shot accessories, a punch, some embellishments & a set of DSP in the suite that all co-ordinate beautifully together. When you don't have much to spend sometimes going with a suite is a great way to go because everything was designed to go together well.

Mini Catalogue. Page 19.
Mini Catalogue. Pages 18, 19, 26 & 36. 

These last two cards are also made using products from a suite. This suite is called Retro Fresh and there are again stamp sets, embellishments and DSP included.

Mini Catalogue. Page 36. 
Mini Catalogue. Page 22.
Mini Catalogue. Page 23.
SAB Catalogue. Page 13.
How cute is the new mini bunting punch?  

Mini Catalogue. Page 26.
SAB Catalogue. Page 11.
Mini Catalogue. Page 35.
SAB Catalogue. Pages 11 & 12.
SAB Catalogue. Page 11.

I hope you like all these projects. Most of them will make their way into the album of cards I have for sale on my Facebook page here. If you have any questions about how I made any of the designs, send me a message and I'd be glad to help you out!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Catalogue Launch Party Part 2 - the food table!

To read about Part 1 - the setup, click here.
To read about Part 3 - the display projects, click here

The food table is actually my favourite thing to create for when it comes to having events. Making all my little skewers and toothpicks and food signs etc matching perfectly makes me all giddy inside. For this event I used the new SAB DSP Sweet Sorbet as my colour scheme and I loved it. It was such a funky mix of colours. As you go through the photos you'll notice my tablecloth. It's brown paper! I think it looked fab and I'll be using this idea again in the future I think! Enjoy the pictures. 

These dip cups were absolutely the favourite food item on the night. There was not one left and everyone was asking if I had more bread sticks and veggies left so they could scrape out every morsel of dip from the bottom. It was the Herb & Garlic Dip made in the Thermomix. Anyone that has the Everyday Cookbook will know which dip I am talking about. It is so delicious! The cups were easily decorated with some DSP & cardstock used as cup cuffs, and then I used the new Spiral Flower Die to make the cute flowers on the front in co-ordinating colours. 

Now these guys. Let's just say the execution was much different from the visual. They were delicious but lets me honest. They look like poop. So we were joking around that we should rename them "Poop Pops", or "Mallow Poops". It was rather hilarious. But let's not focus on my cooking abilities, that is missing the whole point of what I'm showing you here people! It's about the skewers!!! How cool do they look? Such a simple idea and so easy to make.

I think it's just wrong to not have spring rolls at an event. They are just SO YUM. I would eat spring rolls every day if the thighs would allow it. And I love my new double pronged toothpicks. They are a more appealing take on a toothpick especially if you are using them with a larger food item. They are alot sturdier. I used my new SAB Banner Blast Stamp Set & Punch to make this super sweet bunting which was the perfect size for these toothpicks. 

These skewers we YU-MMY. They had vintage cheese, salami, artichoke heart, boccocini and sundried tomato on each skewer. All I had to do to dress up these plain bamboo skewers was tied a mix of co-ordinating twines & ribbons on the top. Such a quick, simple & effective way to tie them into the colour scheme of the table. 

On the night I had a friend attending who has a gluten intolerance so I made sure that there were options of food for her to be able to eat. I adapted everything except for the spring rolls so that it would be gluten free. I had originally planned a different slice but changed it up for her and I must say I am glad I did because this slice. Oh my! Let's just say there is condensed milk involved which I'm sure contributed to the amazing-ness. Because the icing was a little runny on these guys I popped them in patty cases at the last minute so the icing didn't go everywhere. Decorated with a sweet & simple bunting washi tape toothpick. They are once again so fast and easy to make and you can create them in any shape you fancy. I did straight cut, diagonal cut, flag cut & a rounded cut. They all looked so fun. 

For drinks I just kept it simple We had chilled water in our water dispenser and everyone got a cute decorated bottle to drink from. I made sure all the bottles were a different colour so no one mixed up who's was who's bottle once they were all sitting at the table. Decorated with a strip of cardstock, DSP & some twine. How easy is that? Straws are from Lille Parti.

I had something planned for the backdrop of this table but the plans fell through at the last moment so I had to whip something up. So I made this bunting! Super cute & fun. I just pegged on all the bunting pieces to the jute. 

And here is everything all together! What do you think? 

If you are interested in co-ordinating event food table items such as food signs, toothpicks, skewers, cup cuffs, bottle decorations or bunting, you have come to the right place! Please shoot me an email and I will be able to come up with a quote for you. 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Catalogue Launch Party Part 1 - the setup!

To read about Part 2 - the food table, click here
To read about Part 3 - the display projects, click here.

Last Thursday night we had our Mini Catalogue & Sale-a-bration Launch Party. We had a lovely intimate group of ladies and the evening was filled with chatter, laughter, eating and lots of oohing and ahhing over the beautiful new products. I'm not going to bore you with too many details. Instead I'll let you experience the night as we did, through pictures. This first blog instalment is filled with the big display table set up, our main table set up and a closer look at the chocker block of goodies in the lucky door prize.

More blog posts with close up's of all the display cards & projects, and the tasty colour co-ordinated food table will be posted later in the week.