Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway goodness.

It seemed for a minute there that there were no giveaways happening after Blogtoberfest.  But they are back in full swing it seems!!  Here are some awesome goodies.

She is hosting an awesome giveaway to win a cute little vintage coin purse.

She is one clever lady.  She also makes other cool things like this...

...and this...

Would be wise to check her giveaway and shop out.

JLJ Designs Crafting Blog
She is hosting a fun giveaway of Scrapbooking goodies with the Fall theme.

Craft with Confidence

There's an awesome opportunity to win a hand made scarf!  It's gorgeous!

Good luck!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My creative space... did you miss me?

I didn't post for two days straight.  It felt super weird.

I'm making these at the moment...
They're magnet pegs.  There is 80 of them.  This is all I've finished so far.  These are left to be finished...
I'm not half way yet, but that's ok.  The reason I am making them is I have had something really stressful to deal with come up in the past few days, and I needed a creative oulet to help me deal with the annoyance of it all, and this is super easy and I don't even have to think while I'm doing it.

On a lighter note.. what are you doing next week?

I'm going overseas :)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Opinions please.

Ok so I couldn't stay away.  They say it takes 16 days to form a habit.  It was 31 days so thats pretty much double the time to form a habit, so now blogging is a habit - but without the pressure :)

I am participating in a challenge on Really Reasonable Ribbon to create something in a Wintery: blue, white & silver theme.  Firstly, it's Summer here so that's a weird colour combo to be working on this time of year, but I like a challenge, and it's nice to work for a prize for a change.  Anyway, I made this...
And I don't know whether I should turn it into a headband...
A hair clip...
Or a brooch...
I'm leaning towards the headband but could be persuaded otherwise.  If you have any other ideas I'm all ears.

As for now, I am taking my tired little brain off to beddies.  Big day tomorrow!

Oh, did you win any of the giveaways you entered?  There are still a few more to be drawn that I entered.  So far I've won one.  Fingers crossed for a few more!!  Hehe.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finale: Giveaway winner. More then you bargained for!


Did you see those magic numbers?  I sure as hell did!  31 posts done and dusted!!

So I have a little suprise for my giveaway winner which I have not yet picked out of my trusty hat.  You know how my giveaway looked a bit boring and there wasn't much up for grabs...?
Well I lied.  What was in that picture and what I have been advertising as the prize all month long is a lie.

Because instead you'll be getting this...

Various cardboards and patterned papers, Stampin Up cut outs and gift box dicuts.
And this....

Fabric in various sizes, 2 doiley's, 4 flower clips, craft rope, ric rac, laces.
And this...

4 Christmas cards, scrapbooking rings, 5 bracelet/earring sets of jewellry, tub of buttons, tub of brads, chocolate gift box.
I have my reasons for doing this.  I wanted this giveaway to be something more for my current followers.  Plus a suprise is always fun.

I didn't want it to be a big "let's join her blog so we can win free stuff" deal.  I just thought it would be fun to keep it smaller and have a nice big happy suprise for the winner.  The winner of which I have not yet chosen!  I wrote all the names down on paper earlier and they are ready to go...

And the winner is:  Karyn from Eva Mei and Me!

I have it all packaged up and ready to go so just email me your address Karyn!  Congrats!

Thank you everyone for entering and sharing your favourite Christmas Traditions.  I will do up a post shortly with all of your traditions with links back to your page so that everyone in blog land has an opportunity to read about the special things you do in your families.

I'm going to have to come up with another giveaway in the upcoming months.  They are so fun!

I was just about to sign off and say my typical "Until tomorrow", but you know what, I might take the day off!!  So...

Until next time!