Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway goodness.

It seemed for a minute there that there were no giveaways happening after Blogtoberfest.  But they are back in full swing it seems!!  Here are some awesome goodies.

She is hosting an awesome giveaway to win a cute little vintage coin purse.

She is one clever lady.  She also makes other cool things like this...

...and this...

Would be wise to check her giveaway and shop out.

JLJ Designs Crafting Blog
She is hosting a fun giveaway of Scrapbooking goodies with the Fall theme.

Craft with Confidence

There's an awesome opportunity to win a hand made scarf!  It's gorgeous!

Good luck!


The Clip Cafe said...

Oh you've been busy scouting again! These look LOVELY :-) Especially the scarf! We could make that you know! Hmmmmm another swap idea??? :-)

A Christy Production said...

Not a bad idea you know. There would have to be rules that you couldn't knit or crotchet it though. It would have to be made from fabric.