Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger Butt - 2 weeks of WW report

Well after 2 official weeks of WW my loss isn't huge.  But I knew it wouldn't be so I'm not terribly disappointed. I lost 0.4kg.  But you know what, IT'S A LOSS!  That is all that matters.  I had sushi on Monday night for Valentine's Day and I knew it would throw off my weight loss.  But I'm now head down "blogger butt" up and have already lost MORE then that at the beginning of my third week.  Here's some of my thoughts from last week.

- I can see my stomach is getting smaller ever so slightly
- my new USA jeans are already slightly too big (which is a love/hate thing)
- I have wanted to eat pizza ALL WEEK LONG and have not
- Everyone tells me I shouldn't weigh myself until actual weigh in days - I disagree, seeing my losses or gains throughout the week motivates me to be better and work harder and stick to my points 100%
- I am about to move down into a lower weight category with WW, which is fantastic, but also means ONE LESS POINT a day - trust me, it will be difficult to manage
- Weighing yourself naked always works better.  Even underwear can weight a few hundred grams
- I have discovered WW amazing range of ice cream sundaes
- I won goggles & a Baker's Delight voucher from Seven Cherubs, which is non related but I'm excited
- I am not sleeping better yet
- I am having trouble working red meat into my meals of an evening.  I'm scared I'll become deficient in iron soon
- Water is starting to actually taste delicious - I always thought people were full of crap when they said that
- On the topic of drinking liquid, I struggle to drink juice and soft drink now, they are FAR too sweet and make me feel sick
- Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice are my life savers
- I didn't exercise at all last week besides general housework and going shopping and running errands (which is light exercise, seriously).  I don't feel guilty about it at all.  HAHA!

How was your week?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the shop...

Just popped some more treasures in the shop...


My creative space... in the comfort of my bed :)

First of all, I made it under 100 today!!!! 

Today I'm creating in bed.  Not entirely sure why.  I just felt like laying there today whilst I created.  Busy finishing off softies for my Softies for Smiles Appeal.  I had help from 9 girls at church the other night to get some more made, but we ran out of time and so I'm finishing them all off.  

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This week I had a chance and some funds to pop into my local Vinnies.  I'm on a new budget and can't go spending up in the Op Shops as I please anymore.  I have 6 within a 5 minute radius of my house - which I am incredibly grateful for!!  In the old days I'd visit them all in one day and come home with giant stashes of goodness.  Now that my visits are less frequent and my funds are reduced, I am finding I am buying only the GOOD stuff.  I actually prefer it this way :)  

Here are my finds:

Not bought for their more obvious reasons.  I have pegs & embellishments in mind.

Not sure what to do with these yet, but I just couldn't leave the behind.

ALWAYS on the hunt for more doily's!

Gorgeous doily runner.
Napkin rings - all different.  Love them!

Having a little fun with reflections :)
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Relive Romance Challenge

I haven't posted my 'romantic' happenings until now, because I only did them today!!  Of course today is V-Day.  I actually stayed home from work sick, which meant I could do all sorts of things for husby as I slowly pottered around the house today.  We had planned to have sushi for dinner which husby was picking up on the way home from work.  This morning I did my first of three things for husby.  It isn't so much 'romantic', but I knew how appreciative he would be of it, and when I showed him, he was super excited.  

1.  Ironed all his collared shirts - all 50 million of them.  It ONLY took 4 hours

2.  I made him a card (and of course wrote a 'romantic' message) and bought him a cute chocolate rose.

3.  And set up our back patio like a cute little cafe.  I cut out hearts in browns and creams and whites, and set the table with a vintage cream linen tableclothe and a cool pillowcase acted as my table runner!  Popped a square doily in the middle and burnt a delicious smelling candle.  Husby loved it.  

So that's what I did.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable V-Day, regardless if you have an other half or not.  I think there is a huge misconception about what V-Day is all about.  It is not about having someone, it's about showing love for those in your life, whoever they are.  So I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your situation, that you feel loved and appreciated because I'm pretty sure you're awesome!  
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Bling on love... better late then never.

Maxabella & Gifts of serendipity are hosting a fun linky party where you can show off your favourite bling.  Considering my bling is limited, it made it easy which to share.  

Husby chose well for me.  I love my rings!  Plus I have obese fingers so I needed nice chunky rings so that my fingers didn't drown my bling.  You can link in here if you want to join in!