Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Creative Space - Just a few things I whipped up...

I have been feeling under the weather, and haven't been doing too much crafting this week.  But last night I had the craft bug and got around to trying out this fantastic tutorial which has been open on my browser for a few weeks now!!

My first attempt:

And my second attempt:
The first one looked too spaced out, so I sewed the petals closer together with the white lace one, which I think looks much nicer.  

Link in here for more spaces.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brooch Swap Sneak

I was super organised and made my brooch and sent it off a week ago.  I wasn't going to reveal anything until my partner had received it and posted about it, but I figured a itty bitty sneak wouldn't hurt!!


Monday, May 30, 2011


I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately.  Main contributor being stress!  So I've taken a step back, and have REALLY been enjoying reading other's blogs with more intent.  I've also had some fun finding new blogs to follow.  I know we all say this, and often, but GEEZ there are some clever people out there.  So today, my blog post isn't full of gorgeous things I've made (even though I really do have a tonne of things I want to show you all), but it is full of things that have been making me smile, and feel inspired.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Foxs Lane - Kate, you're never too old to wear twirly skirts.

Raspberry Rainbow - Cat, thanks for making me feel normal about the miracle of the bottom of the laundry basket.  And I hope your roof attaches itself back where it belongs soon.

Creating My Way To Success - Jill, I'm amazed at your determination to empty that box of potential upcycles.  AWESOME.  I must follow your lead.

Made - Dana responded to my comment about her haircut, even though I was the 171st comment.  Some people are just too nice.

Little Poppa & Me - Tammi is on the move, and everyone knows how fun it isn't!  That will be me in another month or so.  You can do it Tammi!

Flowerpress - I sent off my brooch, for the brooch swap last week.  I can't wait to receive mine.  You can check out other's ideas and creations over at the Flickr group.

Made By Me. Shared With You - Tricia has an amazing ability to make something as simple as a blanket look so amazing.

Blueberry Patch - Cathy's post made me laugh.  Chickens are always good for entertainment.

Thea & Sami - Thea has found a pair of the most amazing hand warmers ever.  And she held an awesome fundraiser morning tea last week!

Seven Cherubs - Naomi gave me a good idea, to have a Daddy Baby Shower.  Although I think I still might want my own too.

Totally Tutorials - thanks for posting this tutorial, which led me to this blog, and this great tutorial.  I'll be trying my hand at it soon.

Rosa's Room - Karlyn, thanks for reminding me how hilarious kids are sometimes.

And Then There Were Four - Multiple Mum, thanks for saying it how it is

and finally,

Flower Photography - V, thanks for making everyday things look beautiful.

Hope you've enjoyed a good read!!