Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sprucing up

Last week I was wondering around Target and found some onesies on sale for $3 each. Now I have over 10 friends/family currently pregnant, so I have started stocking up on baby goodies in preparation for the onslaught of baby showers and births. I grabbed 6 onesies (and upon reflection should have got MORE). 2 pink, 2 blue and 2 white. I also found a fantastic stripey onesie in the clearance section because the stitching had come undone in the armpit area. I brought my 7 onesies home, and promptly repaired the hole in the stripey suit. Then I had the sewing bug... and wanted to sew some more! I soon had the idea of sprucing up the onesies! Now so far I've only done one of the pink suits and one of the blue, but I have plans for the other 4 suits. Here is what I did...


They're not perfect, and there are things I will do differently when I spruce up the other pink & blue suits, but I still like them, and am happy with them. They were fun to make, and hopefully the bodies that fill them will be just as cute :)

Flower Headband

Recently my good friend had a baby girl. I decided to make a little something as a gift for bubby on her blessing day - a lace flower headband. Doesn't it look schnookums on her?