Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Box of Cards for Christmas!

For the past two Christmases I have made my grand mother's a box of cards as their gift. They LOVE getting this as a gift as they are both the awesomely old fashioned type of grand mother's who like to send cards to friends and family for birthdays, thank you's and or to cheer someone up and let them know they are thinking of them.

Grand mother's are so difficult to buy a gift for aren't they? I would definitely put them in the same category as the men when it comes to gift shopping. They don't need anything, and what they might need is out of the budget, they can be a little fussy on what they like because they're set in their ways, and all that FUN stuff! 

So when I stumbled upon this idea two years ago for Christmas and gave them their boxes of cards for Christmas, and after hearing they were happy with the cards, I thought that this could become the gift I give them each year.

So this year I spent a day in December whipping up some beautiful, elegant card designs. I came up with 6 different designs, and made 2 of each design so there would be 12 cards all up for each grand mother. 

I would have liked to have made more for them, but I did run out of time a little! I had a nice mix of greetings including birthdays, thank you, thinking of you and a couple of blank cards to be used for whatever purpose necessary. 

I packaged them up with a co-ordinating envelope and they were placed inside a cupcake kit box which is covered in brown wrapping paper! You wouldn't know it would you? A little bit of recycling fun :)

I got the exact same reaction and comments from each grand mother when they opened their gifts as I saw them on different days around Christmas. Here is what I heard:

"Oh is this another box of cards?"

"Perfect timing, I just sent my last card to a friend last week"

"These are my special cards and I only give them to special people"

"Whenever I give out one of these cards I always tell them that my grand daughter Christy made this card"

And just for fun, one of my grand mother's jumped up in excitement when she opened the gift. I was laughing so hard I almost cried.

If you would like to order a box of cards for your "hard-to-buy-for" grand mother, let me know! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Sketch Layout "Love" Challenge #4

This challenge wasn't so much of a layout challenge, but more so a themed challenge. Kristy (my upline) selected this challenge with Valentine's Day approaching us in mind. So here they are!

These first two projects were made by Inky Ingrid. The first just being a simple but really effective & pretty card, and the second a fun decorated heart shaped lolly pop. 

This LOVEly card was made by Kristy Coromandel. I really like the use of the small heart embossing folder as the background. It is so cute! 

These two cards were made by one of the newest members in our group Kymberly. She is making some REALLY beautiful things and these two cards are no exception. I really love the first one with the love bunting!

And last but not least is my creation! I wanted my card to be suitable to give to a male or female so I purposely avoided pink with my design! I used the label card thinlit dies which creates a trifold design. I love how it turned out. 

If you would love to join into our next sketch layout challenge (which we just got today and it is amazing) just send me a quick email and I can send it through to you. Your design will be featured on my blog with a link to your crafy business page (if you have one). I would love for this challenge group to grow!