Saturday, December 11, 2010


After 30 LONG hours travelling I am back in the motherland!!  Husby and I had a great time relaxing, visiting, laughing, shopping & eating in the USA over the past month, but reality has hit and we are once again home.  Home to the heat and humidity and the reality of life.  The time went by super fast (of course) but we were able to unwind which was the main goal we wanted to achieve whilst away.  I missed bloggy land and doing craft but at the same time it was awesome to sit back and do nothing.

A few days before we left we had Christmas with husby's family.  My SIL gave me an awesome Martha Stewart border punch.  When I found out how cheap it was, I begged husby to take me to Michael's craft store to see what else they had.  He complied (happy wife happy life) and we went to crafters paradise, and bought me some goodies.  Luckily for me there were some sales on too!  I got 6 tubs of brads, some gem stickers, 4 border punches & a handheld punch all for $90.  I couldn't get over how cheap everything was.  It took everything in me to not start throwing it all into my basket and buy it all and bring it home!!

So I have gone from having NO punches to 6 and I'm super dooper excited to use them!

I'm also super dooper excited to get stuck back into my crafts because I have missed it so much.  And I'm also thinking of starting up my own online store in the New Year, either Etsy or Madeit.  Just looking into the pros and cons of each.  If you have stores through them I'd love to hear feedback from you.

I'll have to upload pics of my punches soon... I just don't have the energy right now.  I still have SO MUCH unpacking and organising to do.  Thank goodness all my Christmas shopping is done!!

Happy weekend and crafting!