Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleanup & Update

I've been having trouble keeping up with all the blog posts.  You see I'm one who likes to read them, cause you're my inspiration and I love seeing how clever everyone is out there.  But lately I have had trouble keeping up.  And I noticed that my blog reader list was beginning to fill up with bloggers whose crafts and creations don't really interest me so much anymore.  So I did a BIG  cleanup of blogs I follow.  I think I "unfollowed" about 50 blogs.  Hopefully now I'll be able to keep up better now.

Well we've been in the USA for a few days now.  I am still jet lagged but my body clock is starting to relent and adjust.  We have been doing little bits of shopping each day.  Husby and I have been saving and have budgeted to buy new wardrobes.  New everything.  Problem is, I can't find much that either fits, or I like!  So we may not have full wardrobes to take home with us, but I suppose something is better then nothing. 

I have itchy fingers.  I haven't crafted for over a week.  I'm going to try and break into the M-I-L's sewing boxes tomorrow.... cause I'm starting to get bored.  When I am on holidays, I relax by doing the things I enjoy.  Sitting around watching DVD's and talking is fun for a day or two.. but then I wanna get my craft on!  I might even see if I can duck down to Michael's tomorrow to check out that 80% clearance basket out that I was eyeing off from a distance today.  I might find some little treasures.

Maybe I'll have piccies for you tomorrow.  But as for now, there's only touristy ones which aren't really too exciting. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, after about 28 hours after leaving my house in Brisbane, Australia, I MADE IT!!  Husby and I are in Houston Texas visiting with his family.  We'll be here for the next 27 days.  I am jet lagged like I have never been jet lagged before in ANY of my overseas travels.

What I have learnt over the past 48 hours period:
- turbulence is not my friend.
- turbulence makes you feel sick after about 20 mins
- food inside your belly does not like turbulence
- one cannot sleep through turbulence
- turbulence makes you want to pee, even though you just peed
- turbulence hurts your back after a while
- turbulence makes you want to burp
- turbulence is scarier when you're in the BACK of the plane - quite literally the back two seats.
- when turbulence lasts for 3 hours, it can make you mad because you want to be sleeping...

I think you get the message.  We had alot of turbulence.  Husby and I decided we would sleep the last 6-7 hours of the flight so we could try and start to adjust our body clocks, as we landed in LAX early morning.  The turbulence ruined our plans and neither of us slept, so we actually went for a good 36 hour period without sleep.  Today we have been walking zombies saying strange things.

We did manage to buy a few items of clothes.  Much needed clothes.  We only brought with us one set of clothes apart from what we were wearing.  So yeah, we really needed to buy clothes.  But it's really exciting cause there is lots more clothes buying to happen!!  I also hope to sneak into some of the craft stores around here and hopefully find some small treasures to take home.

Anyway, it is super late and my jet lag is being annoying and keeping me awake so I need to go pop some sleeping pills and try and get some sleep :)

I should have some fun things to show you soon!


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