Monday, February 17, 2014

Introducing: The Hallmark Challenge #1

I am SO EXCITED to be launching this new challenge series. It is something I have had in the works for a couple of months now. I've been collecting ideas, and figuring out just how would go about it, and then the fun part - designing & creating! Here is the run down of how it works: 

Once a month I will feature an over priced store bought card. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. I will feature an over priced card in the store, because it is far to over priced for me to purchase it for the challenge! Yes, I go into the store and take pictures of the card on the shelves! Then comes the fun part. Using what I have in my personal stash, I recreate the card and share it with you. The card will then be available for purchase after each challenge. 

But here is where you come in! I will be extending each of the Hallmark Challenges to you too! I will provide a Linkup Party below for you to add your blog links to once you have made your version of the Challenge card. 

So let me kick off this first challenge and present to you our very first Hallmark Challenge!! 

And here is my version of this card!! 

I had some fun with some beautiful DSP, baker's twine & of course some rhinestones! I decided to drop the "Cake" sentiment because I thought it looked a little unusual. The Hallmark card I felt wasn't co-ordinated very well. There was a mix of patterns and flourishes that didn't work together, so I wanted to make sure my version of the card worked well together in that way. I'm loving how it turned out and think it could so easily be a beautiful wedding card, because that cake looks more like a wedding cake than a birthday cake!

So there you have it. Hallmark's version for just shy of $10, and my card which is now up for sale for just $4 and comes with a free co-ordinating envelope. 

If you'd like to join in on the Hallmark Challenge fun, please go ahead and create your own version of this card, and add it to our Linkup Party below!