Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flea Market Finds - upcycling of an oldie but a goodie *choo choo*

About 6 months ago, I found a Thomas train mirror in the Op Shop.  It was $5.  I bought it.  Put it away to save until my nephew's birthday - which is this month.

It was in desperate need of a new paint job - and to remove the hand print of it's previous owner... 

I started it's transformation earlier this week.  I had a little paint each evening after work, and have finished it today.  Sorry i forgot to take a picture before I started painting it.  I thought of it a few paint strokes in.  Here's it's transformation..

Not bad I say.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogger Butt Update - I could be considered a slacker.


It's been an interesting week.  Another loss though.  That's all that matters.  Lost another 0.4kg.  I'm happy with that loss considering how shocking I've been at keeping to my points over the past week.  Let's just say I took a more lazy casual approach.  We were busy moving back into our unit and unpacking and re-arranging.  I was feeling annoyed and couldn't be bothered counting properly.  BUT I still lost weight which proves to myself that even though I didn't count everything little thing I put into my mouth, I still have learned how to eat a balanced diet.  

Thoughts for the week:

- Hot chips and wedges are good, especially with sour cream (it was lite!)
- IBS has it positive effects - the food isn't inside your stomach long to make you fat (i know, TMI)
- Moving furniture is DEFINITELY a work out
- I have a great love of hot dogs, and had one this week - luckily for me it was on one of the few days I actually counted points this past week so probably why I still had a loss
- Dim sims are still amazing.
- All I ever write about is food in this section
- Water is still amazing, but I've lost my gusto desire to drink it often resulting in slight dehydration.. oops!!
- Came to the realisation that I have to get down to 80kgs before I have a baby because it's likely I'll put on at least 10kgs post baby and I never want to be over 100kgs again.
- My jeans are getting even looser 
- Even though the skin on my face has it's teenage moment, it's overall alot nicer and clearer.
- I need more rest since I've cut back on the sugary junk foods that gave me lots of fake energy.
- My hair has been less oily 
- I still didn't exercise (on purpose)

All in all, not my best week but I'm pleased with myself that although I had a few bad days I haven't just thrown my hands in the air and given up.  I've been doing this for over a month now and I am finally getting somewhere with re-programming my mind and body and it's desires and cravings*.

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*except I'm still craving pizza.. dammit!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space - celebration organisation.

Remember how I stayed at my parents for a week and went a bit card crazy?  Well it was for a reason!  And I actually doubled the amount of cards I've made since writing that post.  The month of March is a big one for celebrations in our family.  Within 10 days of each other is, Mum's birthday, my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and my Nephew's birthday.  So you see, one must be organised.  Since I knew what I wanted to give mum I have started on her's first.. and today finished it!

It's a little box FULL of cards.  Mostly birthday ones, but a few others in the mix just to be safe.  Mum is always calling me after cards for someone.  This pack of 20 should keep her going for about a year!  She's gonna love it!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Softies Revealed!

Ok I know I've been slack.  Well maybe not slack, but I've definitely had to work on some other priorities in my life.  


I am SO pleased with all the beautiful softies that I have been receiving in the post.  Gosh some ladies are clever!!!  First up, here are all the finished softies from the activity I ran with the girls from church that I posted about here.  It's a cute and unique bunch of monsters.

And then there's the cute little elephants my sister made...

Dianne has been busy sewing me these gorgeous little creatures...

Shannoah has been busy too, to see more of her work check out her Facebook page "Huggable Creations".

And then this is a two in one doll.. Cinderella the maid, turns into Cinderella the princess.

I also received this gorgeous Babushka & Birdie from the talented Tiff.

This gorgeous owl came from the lovely Tina.

And last but not least, Vanessa from Flower Photography did not disappoint!

Pretty impressive huh?

There are a few more that I have made, but I might save them for another day.  Thank you SO MUCH ladies.  They are all adorable and will be loved.  

The search for the softies new owners continues.  There are MANY great opportunities.  It's all a matter of figuring out which one works best!!  Don't forget, it's not too late to join in if you want to.  Go here to find out all the details to our Softies for Smiles appeal.


Disasters, dye & doily's.

Well I'm back home again after the completion of the painting of our house.  When I returned home last Friday night I expected to be amazed.  Let's just say I am less then impressed at the quality of the paint job.  I could have done better, and I certainly wouldn't have gauged the wall each time I moved my ladder... but it's not my problem.  

So my craft room unpacking is getting there.  I decided to use the experience to re-do my room again.  I can't craft on a trussle table forever.  Here is what I came home to...

And after a few attempts to re-arrange, and then after a day today of focusing on finishing up as best as I can (because once again it's a temporary setup until we pick up the new table), this is what I've come up with.  

This is my husbands old study desk.  Husby and I had a great idea in our heads to use this and put the desk hutch on it, and get rid of the desk it used to be on.  The idea was better in our heads.  I have half the room, and hate it!  So luckily for me I remembered my Nan has this giant sturdy table she is trying to get rid of.  So we will be going to pick the table up soon.  Will probably keep the hutch on, but both desks I think will be going.  

This desk will go.  The table from nanna's will go along this wall like the trussle table used to.  Sigh.  Forever work in progress.  I borrowed the bedside table from mum and dad to store my patterned papers and cardboard in the meantime.  The paper will eventually go into a set of drawers that my husbands clothes are living in.  We are getting a new bedroom suite at some stage this year and will get the drawers then.  

Is everyone's craft room a work in progress and mess like mine is??  I have no idea how I want it.  Every time I get an idea, I end up not liking it!!!  Oh well.

Onto dye & doilies.

Over the past two days I have been soaking my doilies in Nappy-San and they look fantastic.  There were a few with rust stains, and i dabbed them with some bleach and all but one came up good.  I don't know what I'm going to do about the one with rust just yet.  While I was dabbing away and rinsing doily's I was thinking about playing around with dying them.  I also remembered that I had some black fabric dye under the laundry basin.  So I pulled it out and mixed up some dye in a bucket and had some fun.  

The one on the left I put in the dye for 2 mins, the middle one for 5 mins, and the small one on the right I just dipped it in for a few seconds.  I love how they all ended up being shades of purple.  I am definitely going to look into buying more fabric dyes and having more fun with dying doily's.