Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space - celebration organisation.

Remember how I stayed at my parents for a week and went a bit card crazy?  Well it was for a reason!  And I actually doubled the amount of cards I've made since writing that post.  The month of March is a big one for celebrations in our family.  Within 10 days of each other is, Mum's birthday, my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and my Nephew's birthday.  So you see, one must be organised.  Since I knew what I wanted to give mum I have started on her's first.. and today finished it!

It's a little box FULL of cards.  Mostly birthday ones, but a few others in the mix just to be safe.  Mum is always calling me after cards for someone.  This pack of 20 should keep her going for about a year!  She's gonna love it!!

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Dianne said...

That sounds like my December/January/February - in those months we have 10 birthdays between Jason and my families (I just worked out that's 1/3 of the family birthdays...). Not to mention Christmas in the middle. The card present is a great idea :-)

Tammi said...

Christy being from such a HUGE family we too have many months like that, it's hard to keep up.
I love the idea of giving handmade cards as a gift

Naturally Carol said...

My sister gave me a card book with pockets in it for cards through each month. Every time I see a card I like I buy it and put it in the book..then I always have plenty to choose from when a birthday comes up or I need one at short notice.

Jill said...

What a lovely gift for your mum! You are super-organised and now she will be too!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Shell said...

Aren't you just a clever clogs! That is a beautiful present. Clever, crafty and sweet. Now every time your mum gives a card she will think of her lovely daughter. How is the painting going?

Cate said...

what a great gift - so thoughtful, clever AND practical! You will be popular :-)