Thursday, March 3, 2011

My wonderful WIP... card making mania

Since moving into the parentals house I've been making cards like a crazy lady.  I don't have much to do and have all my supplies here ready to go.

I have plans to make cards for my mum for her birthday.  She is ALWAYS calling me up to buy a card for someone.  So I'll give her a years supply ready to go.

I made two of each design.  

And am keeping one of each for myself!

Because my stash is getting rather low.  

And I'm sure a few will make their way into the shop.

I've also been watching a buttload of Desperate Housewives whilst making them.

It's been a relaxing week, and I'm trying my best to enjoy it because I know next week won't be so fun...

And I probably won't have any time to craft...

Cause I'll be unpacking my house!!!

Which is still not finished being painted.

But I will try and not think about it.  

And enjoy the freedom of housework for just a few more days.

And keep making cards!!!

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Anonymous said...

Christy I love your cards, they are all gorgeous and so unique!

The Clip Cafe said...

These are really pretty! I can see your punches have been used for borders? I think packs of these would sell nicely in your shop - how about some thinking of you of blank ones too? Thanks for linking up xxx