Monday, February 28, 2011

*WARNING* Grumpy post.

Let me give you the full story here.  Thursday afternoon of last week husby receives an email from our Property Manager (as we are renting).  "Painter will begin painting your unit on Monday - will take at least 4 days, must remove everything from cupboards and closets and move everything into centre of room, etc".

Yes you heard right, 3 days notice.  He probably thinks he's doing us a favour, considering that by law he only needs to give us 24 hours notice.  But hello, use your brain and look at what your asking here. 

Despite the anger that I felt after reading that email (and still feel to this very moment), I knew there was nothing we could do about it.  So I spent my Friday  night and Saturday preparing our house to be painted.  Spent $35 on pieces of plastic to put over our belongings.  Moved 3 carfulls of belongings to my parents house - which is nearby - because this is where we had planned to stay. (most was things we just didn't feel comfortable leaving there with a stranger in our house).  I work for my dad and he is my transport to work each day.  Husby works in the opposite direction so needs to take the car to get to there.  So the option that made the most sense was to just stay at my parents house for the week (or however long it jolly well takes).

So we then speak with the Property Manager about compensation.  This is where it gets uglier.  No relief for Rent will be given, and no money for accomodation.  I have called the RTA (Rental rights people) and all they can suggest is to fill in a dispute resolution form.  If we jump straight into doing that, it will cause huge problems with the already problematic Property Manager.  He is a grumpy rude man and in the past has evicted tenants because they're annoying.  Can you image the wrath after finding out we've lodged a dispute?  Yeah.. so not looking forward to what is yet to come. 

What are your thoughts?  Am I over-reacting?


The Clip Cafe said...

Oh what a hassle and pain! Pretty inconsiderate but this is the horrid renting race! I hate it too. They treat you like a lower class of people! I guess you'll just have to think if we make an issue of it are we prepared (and can we afford) to be shoved out? and have to find another place if it gets to that. I hate situations like this :-( Especially when you are good tenants ad look after the place!

Maioha said...

you are definitely not over-reacting and should let this rude man push you around. I say lodge the dispute. He's the manager, not the owner! (is he?).

He should be offering you compensation! I am indignant on your behalf!!!

Tiff said...

How annoying! All I can say is good luck, there is nothing worse than feeling like you have not been given any choice in matters that concern you! I hope all turns out well! X