Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogger Butt Update

Well I offically weighed in Wednesday morning.  Even though I have been doing WW over two weeks now, I didn't weigh in straight away.  So my offical Week 1 loss was 4.1kg.  Impressive I must say, but hell it was hard to achieve.  I have years of bad eating and bad habits to undo!  Here's some of the things I experienced and also some thoughts that whirled around in my head last week.

- "Hell I want chocolate"
- "Why do I want chocolate?  I don't even like it..."
- "I'm hungry and I only ate food 10 minutes ago"
- "I wish I never had to pee cause then I wouldn't have to drink so much water"
- Grocery shopping takes twice the amount of time and about half as much again in money.
- I was suprised how easily I passed up opportunities to eat junk.
- Whilst walking past the bakery at the shops and smelling that delicious fresh warm aroma, and comtemplating in my head how I could work a fresh roll into my points for the day, another voice in my head came from nowhere and yelled "I WILL NOT LET FOOD CONTROL ME" - which is now my motto.
- I actually did a little exercise.
- I haven't been bloated AT ALL - which is amazing.  Trust me.  I used to be bloated on a daily basis due to food allergies.
- The weight loss can't be seen physically, but mentally I know it happened so that's all that matters.
- I came up with a 5 point dinner meal!!!  And there was enough for two dinners.

How did your week go?  Just remember - I WILL NOT LET FOOD CONTROL ME... and you'll do great!

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Don't forget about Softies for Smiles!  Will be posting about it soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My creative space...

You know, last night I made a promise to myself that I would do this blog post bright and early in the morning so I could link up and be in the first handful of people linking up to My Creative Space.  I failed.  It's 5pm and I'll be 100 and something down the list.  So if you actually read this let me know!!  Haha!!

Sunday night husby and I have been invited at the last minute to a Valentine's dinner with friends.  I volunteered to decorate the table!  I didn't realise I was volunteering to do it until I had already said it.  And then of course I realised what I had got myself into.  So today I have spent forever coming up with something!!

First I put the stones in a vase..

Then made the florist foam base for the flowers on top.. 

I just made a tonne of red fabric rosettes and pinned them on, and added a few pearls & leather rope for effect...

Bought the white tableclothe for the night, and whipped up that runner last night.  Now to make name cards & maybe little gift boxes for each person.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organised Home - Project DRESSER!

My dresser has been overflowing and bugging me for MONTHS!  I have been talking about cleaning it out for as long as it's been bugging me.  For some reason I kept putting it off!!  Today I did it!

The dreaded dresser.  I might point out that I am well aware of it's ugliness.  Currently saving for a new bedroom suite :)

Overflowing drawers. 

The worst drawer - sweaters!

Much better!  Gave a few up so there's alot more space.

Singlets/jumpers/scarves.  Threw out a few of each.

PJ & Swimmers drawer!  Notice the gap on the right?  My swimmers haven't made their way into the drawers for a while.

It only took me about half an hour to organise it all again.  Don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  I ended up with three piles of things.  

1.  Too old to keep and not salvagable for upcycling, resulting in being tossed!
2.  Salvagable for upcycling.
3.  Giveaways - in good nick, just never really worn.  

It was nice to get in and get it done!
Now, next is to tackle shoes..... and this is only one of their homes.  This one isn't going to be as fun.

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My Wonderful WIP - custom order for a friend.

A friend of mine saw the blog post I did a loong time ago with my doily table runner.  She wants two of her very own!  So after much forgetfulness to do it, and after needing to buy a new stash of doily's (which is a painfully long process of finding good ones that aren't overpriced with size/style/colour variations), I have layed out my designs and just need her approval to go ahead and sew them together.

The first one is a shorter one for her dresser and is 37 inches long.

And the second one is for the dining table and is 59 inches long.

Just waiting to hear from her whether it's a go ahead and if so I'll see how I go sewing them up on Thursday.  

I'm considering sewing one up for to put in the shop too.  They are just so gorgeous!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have an idea!!!!  Look at the top right hand corner of my blog!! THERE'S A POLL and you KNOW you want to vote!!!  I have set it up so that you can select all of your favourite things I make that you want to see in my Madeit store.  If you don't see an option for an item you want to see, let me know and I will be happy to look into it.  

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