Thursday, August 26, 2010

What i've been up to lately...

To be honest I haven't had time to do anything much lately in my Craft Room. She, she being my Craft Room, has been cold, empty and lonely for quite some time. Don't you love over-scheduling?? :)

I have a few projects to show you from earlier in the month that I haven't had time to blog about yet.

Firstly, Lil Blue Boo recently had an Ugly Knit Upcycle competition. I didn't have much time to come up with something super fantastic, but did manage to whip up a skirt out of an old tank/singlet my sister gave me. It never did fit my properly and I hated the crocheting up the top (I like crocheting as a general rule, but this one just didn't fry my burger).

So it went from this... this!!

(closeup of the fabric rosettes at the bottom of the skirt)

It is nothing fantastic but it was fun to make. I don't expect to win, the competition is far too stiff... geez I hate clever people :P

Also, I saw this fantastic idea whilst blog surfing a looooong time ago. I printed out the picture and put it into my "idea's folder" thinking one day I might take a stab at it. Well about two weeks ago I was quenching my Op Shop thirst/obsession and found a giant bin FULL of doily's. I sorted through the entire box, and bought every single one I liked, in all different shapes and sizes. There was all the bedding and such next to where I was looking through the box, and a lady was sorting through it, and she turned to me and said "so you like your doily's do you?" I laughed and explained what their purpose was. I don't think she believed me cause she gave me a funny look.

Anywhoooo.. I made it!! I took a different approach on how to attach them all together - I sewed them on the machine. I wanted it to be long lasting and sturdy. I love it. My husband thinks otherwise. What do you think??

I like it and it's a keeper. If you want one let me know, I've still got plenty of doily's!! (especially considering I bought MORE today hehe)

Well that's all I have time for now folks.. I'm only about 4 blog posts behind. Maybe I'll catch up in my 'free time'.


Mrs. Dad said...

That is cute - without your information I thought that started out as a purse or bag. You need to model the skirt. How long is it? Above the knees still I am thinking?

Adlewiess said...

Christy - just found your blog!!! How awesome!!!! And I LOVE your doily runner - what a clever clever idea! Definately a keeper I think...hehehhe. And I LOVE that skirt!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Off to look at more of your creations! xxx

Christy said...

Dee, the skirt is for a younger girl - 10 or so. And Adele.. I LOVE my doily runner! I've had to go out and buy more doily's so I can make up more runners to sell. I love making 'different' things.

Mrs. Dad said...

ahh ok... well then I guess I will not be the next one out on the town with that!! LOL!! I thought it was adorable. No wonder-- all the clothes I think are cute are just not for me.