Friday, December 17, 2010

More bits about me

I just realised I never finished that 30 something days about me doovey.  Here are a few more...

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I've stopped drinking Soft Drink.  MUST break the habit.  I drank FAR TOO MUCH in the USA and got totally addicted to the stuff.  Back to water!!!

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

I don't really listen to music.  But I can tell you two songs that MAKE me feel sad... no wait, I can't even remember what they're called.  Nevermind.

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

My SIL and her fiance.  Our trip to the USA was great because we got to know Wes really well and he is super awesome, and got to know my SIL a little more cause we've never really spent time together in the past. 

Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

How do you expect me to remember that kind of stuff.  I made a personal blog years and years ago and wrote random stuff on it and then forgot about it and then remembered it again about a year ago and started a craft one after realising everyone did it!!

Slack/Busy/Lack of Creativity/Distracted

Well here is another boring photoless post.

But it's Christmas right?  I'm supposed to be really busy!  But I don't think I can really use Christmas as an excuse cause I did all my Christmas shopping before I went away!  But I am actually still getting my house back in order after our trip.  Finding new homes for our purchases.. which will probably be ongoing for a while cause we accidentally bought about 30 DVDs... ooopsy!  So now we have nowhere to put them and the hunt for a DVD shelf will be happening in the January sales.

I have laundry everywhere too... it's been storming a whole lot since we have been back.  I don't mind though.  It's stinking hot and so far all the rain has brought cool breezes!

But the real reason there is no crafty fun posts, is because I don't know what to make.  I think I have a crafters block.  No inspiration is coming!  I guess I didn't do craft for a whole month so my creative brain has gone on holidays early.

Well tonight I HAVE to make some gift tags because I've run out for my own presents and I need some for church so maybe I'll take piccies of what I come up with and post them on here.