Friday, December 17, 2010

Slack/Busy/Lack of Creativity/Distracted

Well here is another boring photoless post.

But it's Christmas right?  I'm supposed to be really busy!  But I don't think I can really use Christmas as an excuse cause I did all my Christmas shopping before I went away!  But I am actually still getting my house back in order after our trip.  Finding new homes for our purchases.. which will probably be ongoing for a while cause we accidentally bought about 30 DVDs... ooopsy!  So now we have nowhere to put them and the hunt for a DVD shelf will be happening in the January sales.

I have laundry everywhere too... it's been storming a whole lot since we have been back.  I don't mind though.  It's stinking hot and so far all the rain has brought cool breezes!

But the real reason there is no crafty fun posts, is because I don't know what to make.  I think I have a crafters block.  No inspiration is coming!  I guess I didn't do craft for a whole month so my creative brain has gone on holidays early.

Well tonight I HAVE to make some gift tags because I've run out for my own presents and I need some for church so maybe I'll take piccies of what I come up with and post them on here. 


The Clip Cafe said...

Posts don't always have to have pics! they add it it yes but I enjoy all yours posts - you have a way with words :-) Did you see the gift tags I made? They were so easy and I really liked how they turned out :-) I have a poll too asking about what swap to do next....

A Christy Production said...

I'll have to post a pic of the tags. They turned out really awesome and I got to use my new heat embossing gun!