Saturday, October 15, 2011

#15 - Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me + Hail!!!

I'm pretty huh?  Those are my awesome fly eyes I made and have been rabbiting on about.  Today I did a test run of the makeup.  I ended up going with something different then pictured above, but had to share that picture with you.  It horrendously hilarious.

And on another note, you can seriously tell we're about to go into Summer.  The wild thunderstorms have already arrived.  Throughout this week we have had 4 pretty decent thunderstorms, with hail in certain parts of the city.  One storm took the life of my SIL's workmate, who pulled over in his car because it was too dangerous to drive, and a tree fell on his car and tragically killed him.

Today, we had TWO HUGE storms.  The first was at 4am, so I only heard it as I TRIED to sleep.  Alot of loud thunder claps and really windy heavy rain.  Husby had to get up and close up all the windows upstairs because it was blowing in.  

And then the second storm quite LITERALLY rolled in at 5pm.  It was VERY dark clouds, and they were literally rolling horizontally.  I've never seen anything like it.  It almost looked like it was rolling down to where we were standing.  (And I realise this is probably making NO sense).  I was out when this storm approached and husby called me frantically from home "IT'S HAILING!!! WHERE'S THE CAR?? QUICK GET IT UNDER SOMETHING!!"  I ran back inside and told everyone else and we all ran out and moved out cars into better positions.  All we had to shelter the cars was some trees so we parked them and then went back inside and awaited the onslaught.  About 2 minutes later the rain and hail arrived.  

Only marble sized hail fell where we were - LUCKILY.  We were definitely looked after, because just two minutes down the road (and at home) they were the size of golf balls.  After the hail stopped and the rain eased off a little I went and collected my car back to pull it back into the main carpark of where I was and there were a few other people doing the same and we were chatting before getting in our cars.  And then lightning struck just off to the left of where we were.. HOLY COW, I had to swallow my internal organs back down.  We all screamed and ducked down.  I covered my ears immediately anticipating the super loud crack, which followed half a second later.  

Anyway, that is my adventure for the day.  I wonder if we'll get another storm tomorrow....


Friday, October 14, 2011

#14 - Bunting love

I joined into the Bunting Swap over at Squiggly Rainbow last month.  I was super excited that when I signed up, I made my 6 flags... that night.  And you know what, the day Rachel emailed me my recipients list... I posted them.  Super dooper disgustingly organised.  But I was just really excited!!  

I have received 2 of my greatly anticipated parcels in the post so far.  Here they are...

The crotcheted flag was made by the lovely Leah over at Made in Monty and the tartan flag was made by the lovely Faith over at Faithy May.

Thank you ladies!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

#13 - Online Garage Sale

In the area I live in, some really smart intelligent person has made an Online Garage Sale Group on Facebook.  It's awesome!! Just the other day I bought about 100m of ribbon and ric rac.  I was so pleased that I thought, why don't I sell crafty stuff on here that I don't need/want/use anymore too!  So that is what I have done today.

And I also went through my remnants and put together a big bundle.

I actually sold the remnants within 10 minutes of posting them on the site.  Woohoo!!  I have sold a few other things on there too.  A lady just came and picked up something and handed over some cash.  I quite like it.  Every town should have an Online Garage Sale!! 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#12 - Shoo fly

I think I have mentioned that I am helping with costuming and makeup for a stage show.  If not.  That is what I'm doing!!!  I am 100% in charge of makeup, hair & costume accessories.  Let me elaborate a little.  In the show there are 10 mice, 5 fly's and 1 ladybug.  My job is to make them look like those animals. This time round I'm going to tell you a little bit about the fly's.  

I have 4 female fly's and 1 male.  The male is actually the lead in the show also.  Here's my overall vision of how their face will look like...

Pretty huh! :P

And here's the eyes...

Tonight I finished gluing all the sequins and gemstones on.  Incase you were for some absurd reason wanting to make your own fly eyes, I just bought large polystyrene balls and cut them in half and then hot glued a few million sequins on.  If you look in the left corner the balls are slightly larger and different.  They are for my male lead fly.  He needed to be a little bit fancier!!  Tomorrow I will be attaching elastic so that the eyes sit on the forehead.  And I'll also be practising that makeup on myself...  I should take a picture when I'm done and share it!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#11 - Button art

I just want to briefly share something husby has been helping with.  With Christmas looming I am doing my best to get organised.  His younger sister has a slight Japanese theme happening in her room, and the room colours are soft yellow, pale moss green & some neutral tones also.  So husby painted the trunk for me and I've placed the buttons and will glue them in the next day or so into their placed positions.  I was too tired to do it tonight :)


Monday, October 10, 2011

#10 - Oh boy. Ran out of stuff to say.

It's only day ten of Blogtober, and I've got nothin for ya.  Nothing I say!!  I even searched my laptop just now, hoping for some fun pictures I took of a project from the past few weeks that I happened to not blog about yet.  Nothing.  I did a Pinterest blog post yesterday, so can't do that one again.  Totally stuck.  So guess what.  You get to read about the blabberings of my mind.  Some random things.  Stuff that's happened lately.  Stuff that happened today.  You know, stuff.

- I woke up this morning, and sneezed 10 times in a row.  I've been light headed ever since.  Seriously.
- I have never drank alcohol in my life, but the way my eyes have been acting today after above mentioned sneezing, I think they might be drunk, somehow.
- I have the gimme's when it comes to Stampin' Up!.
- I don't really like ice cream.  But sorbet and gelato - whole different story.
- The power went out tonight whilst husby and I were at a friends.  A transformer blew down the street.  Totally exciting.
- I don't like my sign off signature below.  The colour is wrong and the font is ugly, but I don't know how to change it so there it remains.
- I have so much to do tomorrow, I have a headache just thinking about it.
- When was the last time you made fly eyes for a costume?  Never you say?  Well I'm in the process of making 5 pairs.... Oh that's a good blog post entry I can do when they're done!!
- I am about half way through my Christmas shopping.  Actually that's a lie, about 1/3 done.
- I am a bit over eating at the moment.  Might have something to do with the fact that I'm over cooking.  And washing up.
- I have a scar in my eyebrow and it makes one of my eyebrows look like I have over plucked it.  So I colour it in brown.
- I'm a hairdresser, my regrowth is 3 inches long, and I don't care.  Not sure how I managed that.
- I hate wearing glasses, it covers up your awesome eye makeup.
- Someone came into work the other day with whooping cough.  I could have slapped her, or worse.  SO inconsiderate.
- I'm really over working too.  It's so annoying and daily.
- I am loving that the nights are still lovely and cool.  Makes it so easy to sleep well.
- I'm going camping soon, for a whole week!!  I am pretty excited to be lazy.
- I love Catch of the Day.
- Husby and I are currently awaiting 16 parcels to arrive in the post.  I think we may have got a little excited about online shopping.  I promise they are all necessary purchases, and alot of Christmas presents, and you know, cool stuff for us just cause.  Like I said, totally necessary though....


Sunday, October 9, 2011

#9 - Project ideas round up

I'm sure most of us have Pinterest accounts by now right?  I have a potter around on the site at least once a day - mostly of an evening preparing for bed.  As I'm sure you all do, I repin things I want to make, knowing full well I will probably only have the time and resources to make 1 thing out of about 20 (I don't repin much, I'm picky haha).  Here's a few things I've found over the past week or so.  Maybe you'll have time to make it since I probably won't get around to it!!

 I think I will make a few of these things.  The button magnets are awesome and easy, as are those snowman button gift tags.  Husby LOVES the scrabble wall tiles idea, but with way better words, that will probably be relevant to our family and names etc.  The spray painted pine cones is a cool idea, I guess you just choose colours to match decor or a celebration of some sort.  The rest probably won't happen haha.  But I still love them!!

Would anyone like to give any of these idea's a whirl??