Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#12 - Shoo fly

I think I have mentioned that I am helping with costuming and makeup for a stage show.  If not.  That is what I'm doing!!!  I am 100% in charge of makeup, hair & costume accessories.  Let me elaborate a little.  In the show there are 10 mice, 5 fly's and 1 ladybug.  My job is to make them look like those animals. This time round I'm going to tell you a little bit about the fly's.  

I have 4 female fly's and 1 male.  The male is actually the lead in the show also.  Here's my overall vision of how their face will look like...

Pretty huh! :P

And here's the eyes...

Tonight I finished gluing all the sequins and gemstones on.  Incase you were for some absurd reason wanting to make your own fly eyes, I just bought large polystyrene balls and cut them in half and then hot glued a few million sequins on.  If you look in the left corner the balls are slightly larger and different.  They are for my male lead fly.  He needed to be a little bit fancier!!  Tomorrow I will be attaching elastic so that the eyes sit on the forehead.  And I'll also be practising that makeup on myself...  I should take a picture when I'm done and share it!!!

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Maioha said...

Yeah! Show us the make up!