Thursday, October 13, 2011

#13 - Online Garage Sale

In the area I live in, some really smart intelligent person has made an Online Garage Sale Group on Facebook.  It's awesome!! Just the other day I bought about 100m of ribbon and ric rac.  I was so pleased that I thought, why don't I sell crafty stuff on here that I don't need/want/use anymore too!  So that is what I have done today.

And I also went through my remnants and put together a big bundle.

I actually sold the remnants within 10 minutes of posting them on the site.  Woohoo!!  I have sold a few other things on there too.  A lady just came and picked up something and handed over some cash.  I quite like it.  Every town should have an Online Garage Sale!! 



Max said...

I totally agree, what a wonderful idea!

The Creative Beast said...

I love that idea to create an online garage sale - it's BRILLIANT!!

I wish I could have bought some of those remnants, they look great. Congratulations on getting the money too =-)