Monday, October 10, 2011

#10 - Oh boy. Ran out of stuff to say.

It's only day ten of Blogtober, and I've got nothin for ya.  Nothing I say!!  I even searched my laptop just now, hoping for some fun pictures I took of a project from the past few weeks that I happened to not blog about yet.  Nothing.  I did a Pinterest blog post yesterday, so can't do that one again.  Totally stuck.  So guess what.  You get to read about the blabberings of my mind.  Some random things.  Stuff that's happened lately.  Stuff that happened today.  You know, stuff.

- I woke up this morning, and sneezed 10 times in a row.  I've been light headed ever since.  Seriously.
- I have never drank alcohol in my life, but the way my eyes have been acting today after above mentioned sneezing, I think they might be drunk, somehow.
- I have the gimme's when it comes to Stampin' Up!.
- I don't really like ice cream.  But sorbet and gelato - whole different story.
- The power went out tonight whilst husby and I were at a friends.  A transformer blew down the street.  Totally exciting.
- I don't like my sign off signature below.  The colour is wrong and the font is ugly, but I don't know how to change it so there it remains.
- I have so much to do tomorrow, I have a headache just thinking about it.
- When was the last time you made fly eyes for a costume?  Never you say?  Well I'm in the process of making 5 pairs.... Oh that's a good blog post entry I can do when they're done!!
- I am about half way through my Christmas shopping.  Actually that's a lie, about 1/3 done.
- I am a bit over eating at the moment.  Might have something to do with the fact that I'm over cooking.  And washing up.
- I have a scar in my eyebrow and it makes one of my eyebrows look like I have over plucked it.  So I colour it in brown.
- I'm a hairdresser, my regrowth is 3 inches long, and I don't care.  Not sure how I managed that.
- I hate wearing glasses, it covers up your awesome eye makeup.
- Someone came into work the other day with whooping cough.  I could have slapped her, or worse.  SO inconsiderate.
- I'm really over working too.  It's so annoying and daily.
- I am loving that the nights are still lovely and cool.  Makes it so easy to sleep well.
- I'm going camping soon, for a whole week!!  I am pretty excited to be lazy.
- I love Catch of the Day.
- Husby and I are currently awaiting 16 parcels to arrive in the post.  I think we may have got a little excited about online shopping.  I promise they are all necessary purchases, and alot of Christmas presents, and you know, cool stuff for us just cause.  Like I said, totally necessary though....


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Max said...

Your good posting randomsness, it actually is an interesting read. I posted zilch yesterday and have nothing for today either (to tired to make brain think of something) so I think I might go down the same track!