Friday, October 14, 2011

#14 - Bunting love

I joined into the Bunting Swap over at Squiggly Rainbow last month.  I was super excited that when I signed up, I made my 6 flags... that night.  And you know what, the day Rachel emailed me my recipients list... I posted them.  Super dooper disgustingly organised.  But I was just really excited!!  

I have received 2 of my greatly anticipated parcels in the post so far.  Here they are...

The crotcheted flag was made by the lovely Leah over at Made in Monty and the tartan flag was made by the lovely Faith over at Faithy May.

Thank you ladies!



Vic said...

I think everyone I have seen post about the swap so far has received one of Faith's lovely flags, including me!

Lea said...

Such a fun swap. I love it. I have one of Faith's bunts as well.