Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eager Beaver Bunting & a Button Hairclip.

I signed up for the Bunting Swap today.  I think I was excited, because I've already made my bunting!!!!!  I signed up to make 6.  

I wanted the colours, and patterns to work together in a funky way, and I wanted to use doilies.  

Originally I was going to do the traditional triangular bunting, but thought I'd mix it up a bit by basically cutting the bottom of the triangle off.  

I love they've turned out.

I also have attempted another funky hair clip.

I have started making another in black and white, and will probably keep on making other colours down the track.  I just love how they look!!!


Bunting Swap and stuff I've been making.

I'm joining into the Bunting Swap, and you should too!

And on another note.  I'm wearing funky accessories today which I made myself.  So I need to show you cause I think they're cool...

(oh and sorry for the horrific quality photos, I'm at work today!)

My brooch, and my somewhat matching hair clip!

Yay for funky stuff!  I have made a few more things too.  I'll definitely have to show you, along with my new craft room setup in the new house!