Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paper florist

I felt like playing with paper last night.  I came up with this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

You can find them in my shop.

Hope everyone's having an enjoyable Saturday!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Blast it's hard.

So as some of you know I've started Weight Watchers.  So far the results are great.  I've lost just over 3 kg's this week already and the week isn't even up yet.  Some of you may fret at such a LARGE amount being lost over a small period of time, but the reality is I have 50 kilos to lose.  So the initial weight drops will probably be higher.  

Well I did it, I told you just how overweight I am.  I'm not about to go and reveal my weight, but I'm sure you have a good idea.  Years of not caring, ruts & letting busyness rule.  

Yeah the food thing is hard.  It hurts my head trying to configure my points each day.  Do I eat this?  No, too many points, I'll have to eat this instead.  Bla bla bla... it goes on all day.  Grocery shopping takes heaps longer cause I'm working out points and meals and all that (and did I mention husby and I started a NEW BUDGET on the same week which means not only finding better foods to eat, I have a smaller amount of money to spend!!).

But you know what.  I can handle that.  Being healthy isn't supposed to be easy.  Or else everyone would do it, right?

The thing that has me troubled is the support factor.  I come into contact with alot of people through my family, church & work.  Most people are really supportive for any sort of positive change, regardless of your method.  But there have been the few that have been quite the opposite.  

"who cares about calories???" - ahh, me.
"oh just eat it, it doesn't matter" - if I want to eat later on today it does matter
"just snack on celery all day" - have you not tasted celery lately, it's kind of boring and stringy
"why would you do that??" - have you not noticed I am obese?  I kinda noticed.
"do this diet, it's better" - if it was better I would be doing, but I'm not.. get the message?
"if this doesn't work, let me know" - thanks for having faith in me.

Anyway, maybe I'm being too sensitive but it's making me grumpy!!  I just needed to vent and need positive reinforcement and I know I can rely on all you ladies out there to help me with that.  

And if you've done Weight Watchers yourself I would love any of your meal/snack ideas and recipe's!!!  I am struggling sooo much in that department!

I hope to do one of my very own photo's like this one day :)

Ok, vent finished.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

My creative space...

Making baby shower gifts while watching Desperate Housewives, and sipping on water hoping it will fill me up.  This Weight Watchers thing is hard.  I'm always so darn hungry!!!

And to add to yesterday's post about my fabric canvases, I took a picture of the third one to show you...

...and finished off the lounge room canvases too!

I had to do something to take the focus off our ugly couch!! 

Now I'll get back to my water drinking and feeling grumpy because I'm so hungry :S


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well today I was home sick from work.  I got to sit on my bum all day and do some SERIOUS sewing and crafting.  It felt fantastic.  So relaxing (despite feeling off colour) and the day felt so nice and long.  

Well last night I posted about my Wonderful WIP and now I've finished it.  I have made a goal this year to decorate my home.  This might sound a bit silly, but I have been married for two year and have not decorated my home whatsoever.  Nothing.  We haven't even hung our wedding canvas yet.  Shocking I know.  Well I found a good idea on a blog I follow and made my own version of it.  It is for the laundry room.  My laundry room is very small.  It's the passage way to the downstairs toilet and also the back door.  It comes right off the kitchen too.  We are about to put up shelving so I had to keep it small.  

So yeah, it's a small space.  And no I don't have a dryer.  See that sunlight outside the door?  That's my dryer.

So I finished off my little canvas this morning and hung it up proudly!

Shelving is going up on the wall above tub - to the right of the canvas.
It looks so sweet up there.

While I was stapling it down to the canvas, I decided I liked the corners left out.  So I trimmed them up and I think it makes it look more fun and rustic.

I might do one similar for the kitchen above the sink - something to do with washing up maybe?  And I have already done up 3 plain fabric canvases months ago to go in the lounge room.  I think I will put "relax" on the middle one and hang them up (finally).  
I also now have pretties on my wall in my dining room.  Three of them to be exact.  I only have photos of two so far though.. oops.  I must amend that.  It's no point taking a photo now cause it's too dark.  But they are all the same concept so you will get the idea.    

So I went from this... this!

I love them.  They're green.  They're eccentric.  They're crooked.  Quite charming really.  Just how I like things :)

I've finished the long skinny one since taking this picture.  They are all hanging in my dining room cheering it up!  I might make a few table runners to work in with the new colour scheme :)

This was me last night.  Eager beaver sewing all hours of the night. 

Hope you've had a creative day too!

I'm thinking I might make some more of those laundry canvases down the track to sell in my shop.  What do you think?


My Wonderful WIP.

Well I'm up ridiculously late doing some stitching.  Not feeling so great and haven't felt tired until about 2 minutes ago.  Here's what I've been up to..

(idea stolen from here)

See the big line going down through the middle?  Yeah I did that while sewing the 'H' in wash.  Pulled it all the way through.  Nice work Christy!   I'll mount it on a canvas I bought from the cheap shop today and hang it in the laundry in my attempt to actually START decorating my home.

Only a few more letters to go.  But first I must sleep.

PS.  I promise to do a Softies for Smiles Update VERY SOON.  I have received some gorgeous parcels in the post!!  And it's not too late to join in if you wish to!

PPS.  I have another awesome fabric canvas I need to show you.  Like, it's amazing.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts #1

Well I finally decided to join.  I'm attempting Weight Watchers with my work mate.  We both have our points booklets, and I'm learning about the point system.  It's incredible how it all works.  I'm allowed so many points a day, and for the program to be effective, I need to not exceed my points.  Today I started writing down everything I eat and keeping track of the points.  I'm not eating differently today, but I am observing what my current intake of 'points' is.  So far it's looking fine, but I am pretty certain I will go WELL over the allocated amount.  Did you know that FRESH Indian Curry isn't that many points?  We worked it out that it will be around 10 points for our serving.  And then I grabbed my frozen butter chicken curry that I had in the freezer here at work.  I keep one in the freezer as a back up for when I run out of lunch meat or something at home, so I have lunch for that day and don't have to buy it.  Well I worked out that my frozen prepackaged curry is around 16 points!!!!  Amazing that fresh creamy delicious goodness is better then the blander prepackaged stuff.

I hate exercise.  With a passion.  Even back in my fit healthy skinny days of being an older teenager/young adult, I hated it.  I always seem to have trouble breathing and have no endurance whatsoever with running or jogging.  I seriously used to be pretty fit back then, and still couldn't run for longer then 3 minutes.  So I hate it.  But I have a Wii Fit and I plan to use it.  You can burn a few hundred calories from doing simple activities and workouts.  And it's fun.  So I'm going to stick with that for just now.  

So all this talking about food is making me hungry.

(sorry for the bag pic, took it on my phone)

What page are the chips on in the Weight Watchers Points book?

Off to a great start huh?