Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Wonderful WIP.

Well I'm up ridiculously late doing some stitching.  Not feeling so great and haven't felt tired until about 2 minutes ago.  Here's what I've been up to..

(idea stolen from here)

See the big line going down through the middle?  Yeah I did that while sewing the 'H' in wash.  Pulled it all the way through.  Nice work Christy!   I'll mount it on a canvas I bought from the cheap shop today and hang it in the laundry in my attempt to actually START decorating my home.

Only a few more letters to go.  But first I must sleep.

PS.  I promise to do a Softies for Smiles Update VERY SOON.  I have received some gorgeous parcels in the post!!  And it's not too late to join in if you wish to!

PPS.  I have another awesome fabric canvas I need to show you.  Like, it's amazing.



The Clip Cafe said...

WOW how did you do that - is it satin stitch or something? I like even with the pull :-) Now go to bed!! ps I want to see that canvas!!!

Tina said...

It looks fabulous Christy! What a fabulous idea for a laundry room! I can't wait to see your fabric canvas. Have a lovely day ~ x

Anonymous said...

Looking great Christy....look forward to seeing the finished result and your canvas

Larissa said...

Christy, AWESOME.

What an ingenious idea to stitch the lettering on. LOVE it.

Thanks for letting me know so I could come and see the gloriousness that is your canvas.

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