Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well today I was home sick from work.  I got to sit on my bum all day and do some SERIOUS sewing and crafting.  It felt fantastic.  So relaxing (despite feeling off colour) and the day felt so nice and long.  

Well last night I posted about my Wonderful WIP and now I've finished it.  I have made a goal this year to decorate my home.  This might sound a bit silly, but I have been married for two year and have not decorated my home whatsoever.  Nothing.  We haven't even hung our wedding canvas yet.  Shocking I know.  Well I found a good idea on a blog I follow and made my own version of it.  It is for the laundry room.  My laundry room is very small.  It's the passage way to the downstairs toilet and also the back door.  It comes right off the kitchen too.  We are about to put up shelving so I had to keep it small.  

So yeah, it's a small space.  And no I don't have a dryer.  See that sunlight outside the door?  That's my dryer.

So I finished off my little canvas this morning and hung it up proudly!

Shelving is going up on the wall above tub - to the right of the canvas.
It looks so sweet up there.

While I was stapling it down to the canvas, I decided I liked the corners left out.  So I trimmed them up and I think it makes it look more fun and rustic.

I might do one similar for the kitchen above the sink - something to do with washing up maybe?  And I have already done up 3 plain fabric canvases months ago to go in the lounge room.  I think I will put "relax" on the middle one and hang them up (finally).  
I also now have pretties on my wall in my dining room.  Three of them to be exact.  I only have photos of two so far though.. oops.  I must amend that.  It's no point taking a photo now cause it's too dark.  But they are all the same concept so you will get the idea.    

So I went from this... this!

I love them.  They're green.  They're eccentric.  They're crooked.  Quite charming really.  Just how I like things :)

I've finished the long skinny one since taking this picture.  They are all hanging in my dining room cheering it up!  I might make a few table runners to work in with the new colour scheme :)

This was me last night.  Eager beaver sewing all hours of the night. 

Hope you've had a creative day too!

I'm thinking I might make some more of those laundry canvases down the track to sell in my shop.  What do you think?



PaisleyJade said...

I love your art - very cool and rustic!

Tammi said...

I adore your laundry art, love it!!

Love that your other art is so unique

The Clip Cafe said...

So different. So you - LOVE THEM!!!!