Monday, January 31, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts #1

Well I finally decided to join.  I'm attempting Weight Watchers with my work mate.  We both have our points booklets, and I'm learning about the point system.  It's incredible how it all works.  I'm allowed so many points a day, and for the program to be effective, I need to not exceed my points.  Today I started writing down everything I eat and keeping track of the points.  I'm not eating differently today, but I am observing what my current intake of 'points' is.  So far it's looking fine, but I am pretty certain I will go WELL over the allocated amount.  Did you know that FRESH Indian Curry isn't that many points?  We worked it out that it will be around 10 points for our serving.  And then I grabbed my frozen butter chicken curry that I had in the freezer here at work.  I keep one in the freezer as a back up for when I run out of lunch meat or something at home, so I have lunch for that day and don't have to buy it.  Well I worked out that my frozen prepackaged curry is around 16 points!!!!  Amazing that fresh creamy delicious goodness is better then the blander prepackaged stuff.

I hate exercise.  With a passion.  Even back in my fit healthy skinny days of being an older teenager/young adult, I hated it.  I always seem to have trouble breathing and have no endurance whatsoever with running or jogging.  I seriously used to be pretty fit back then, and still couldn't run for longer then 3 minutes.  So I hate it.  But I have a Wii Fit and I plan to use it.  You can burn a few hundred calories from doing simple activities and workouts.  And it's fun.  So I'm going to stick with that for just now.  

So all this talking about food is making me hungry.

(sorry for the bag pic, took it on my phone)

What page are the chips on in the Weight Watchers Points book?

Off to a great start huh?



The Clip Cafe said...

Oh yay!!
You have just reinvigorated me to start trying harder this week :-)
We CAN do it! We can DO it! (can you hear me chanting it lol?) Yes we can! Ps where are your teenage skinny day pics??? :-) I actually have no endurance with running either. LOVED it at school but since having kids Hmm well yeah, running now feels a bit different..... I have little will power actually and it really bugs me. Okay so again we CAN do it! We can DO it! Yes we can!!!!!!!

Dreaming said...

Congrats on joining WW!
It really does work if you religiously follow the plan. Oh, and don't forget, you get extra points each week. You can use a few of those each day or save them for a splurge day.
It's great that you have someone at work to go along with you. I met a girl who was very successful who did the same thing. They had about 5 folks in the office on the plan.
Yeah, I have trouble with a lot of exercise too. I feel like I'm about to drown if I try to swim. Running is tough, too. But, I do try to park farther away from stores and I use stairs when I can instead of elevators.
Well, I gotta run - well, maybe I gotta go is more descriptive.

Just ME said...

Go Christy - you can do it!!

We're all cheering for you and behind you. X

Farmers Wifey said...

Good on you for joining our are so welcome to add to our motivation and support - and you will get plenty of that here xox