Saturday, October 29, 2011

#29 - Lego fun

Husby and I have a responsibility at church.  We are the 'nursery' leaders.  We basically look after the 18mth - 4yr old kids for two hours every Sunday.  It is hard work.  Certainly isn't helping me feel positive about starting a family in the not to distant future.  So we try to have some fun.  The kids really like Lego so we play with it alot.  Here's what we've made lately.

Lego masks

Twin towers - it was 9/11 so we made them in memory.
I love Lego!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

#28 - iPhone photo album happenings

Here's my life over the past two months or so, according to my iPhone photo album...

Celebrating the official arrival of Almond MM's to Australia.  Only took 10 years.

I wanted to buy it, but for $80, I passed.

4 hail storms in 2 weeks.
Enjoying a banana after a 3 month banana fast... soo glad the prices are coming back, down!

Brother turned 24.

Made 60 card fronts for Stampin' Up! Regionals..

Quick sale fail.

Ate way too much cherry cobbler....
Being greeted by the chookies every morning when I go for a shower

Watching mum eat creamed spinach risotto in disgust.

Eating delicious frittata.
So... what have you been up to?


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Don't forget!! You can join in here.  It closes on Monday 31st October at MIDDAY! (AEST)  All you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment.  Easy peasy!  Good luck!!!  It's kind of awesome!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#26 - He's back!

I have my husband back!!!!!!! Yay!

How delightful do I look??


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

#24 - Peeking through the window..

Whilst packing for camping last night, I looked out at the window as I was doing things, to see a sweet little green friend watching me as I ran around like a mad thing...

He's sweet huh?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

#23 - Pictures of the show that prove I need a new camera

Lucky I was smart enough to pass my camera around the room where we got everyone ready for the show.  There are a couple of fun shots of people having hair and makeup done...

Top: Me doing mouse makeup & another mouse having her hair done.  Bottom: Instructions on what to do & 2 mice almost ready..

Top:  Male mouse almost finished unimpressed about wearing makeup & getting started on makeup for a fly.  Bottom:  Three flies ready to go just needing costumes, their eyes & wings.
It is absolute mayhem organising 16 people for hair and makeup.  I had a great team of helpers, and there is no way I could have physically done it without their selfless help.  It didn't help that our getting ready time was cut down by half an hour the day before the show either.  Somehow we did manage to get it all done in time (miracle) and everyone looked fab.
Here's some pics of the show in action...

Top:  Mice in the entree act.  Bottom:  The mice getting in trouble from Louie the Fly.
As you can clearly see, this is why I need a new camera.  When I bought my camera a year ago, I was SO excited as it is waterproof, shockproof, and all that fun stuff.  We read review on the camera and only read good things, so that is why we thought it would be a great purchase.  Boy was I wrong.  It is ONLY good for taking water shots.  I hate it and husby is sick of me complaining about it so a new camera is in the works :)  I CANNOT WAIT!

Just one last thing.  My sister did the costumes, hair and makeup for another show that was on last night also.  Even though they were the 'competition' I have to share her handiwork.  And I might add she won the award for makeup :)

Off camping tomorrow.  So I'm busy packing today for that and getting all the household chores done before I leave.  And I somehow need to make sure I leave enough time to do a week and half worth of blog posts saved in drafts so I can post while away... this will be interesting :)


#22 - And the award for best costumes goes to.... ME

You know how I keep telling you about those costumes I've been making?  Well, the show was tonight.  And I won an award for best costumes out of the 6 shows.  I have no photos for you.  Just a lame google image because I am beyond exhausted.  I will have more details, and hopefully some photos for you in the near future.  I AM SO GLAD IT'S OVER!!