Friday, October 28, 2011

#28 - iPhone photo album happenings

Here's my life over the past two months or so, according to my iPhone photo album...

Celebrating the official arrival of Almond MM's to Australia.  Only took 10 years.

I wanted to buy it, but for $80, I passed.

4 hail storms in 2 weeks.
Enjoying a banana after a 3 month banana fast... soo glad the prices are coming back, down!

Brother turned 24.

Made 60 card fronts for Stampin' Up! Regionals..

Quick sale fail.

Ate way too much cherry cobbler....
Being greeted by the chookies every morning when I go for a shower

Watching mum eat creamed spinach risotto in disgust.

Eating delicious frittata.
So... what have you been up to?


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