Saturday, October 23, 2010

Skirt reveal & Stampin Up Party Goodies.

So here is the skirt.
I told you it was awesome.  I might even wear it out tonight.

Today I had a Stampin Up Class/Demonstration at my place.  We made two things.  One was a Bon Bon Gift Box which is in the fridge cause it has chocolates in it and unfortunately I can't be bothered to go and get it cause it's downstairs and so very far away.  

But we did make this awesome card.

And I got this as a gift for having the party.

Pretty cool huh!

Don't forget about my giveaway.

Until tomorrow,


Friday, October 22, 2010


I know I already posted for today but I have a question I've been dying to ask because it just puzzles me.

How do other Craft Blogs out there get companies to give them their products to do giveaways?

I mean do the companies literally track them down and contact them, or is there something I've not figured out yet?

I think about it almost every day and can't figure it out...


Just tired.

Wow.  I am tired folks.  I am the kind of tired that I've felt in the past, like after climbing a mountain, like skiing all day,  like being forced to run in the marathon at school, like the day of my sisters wedding, like the day of my wedding, like it's taken me 48 hours to get from one part of the world back to my house on the other side of the world, like I never went to bed and had to go to work.  I think you get the picture.  Problem is.. I don't know HOW I got to be this tired.  I get 7-9 hours sleep a night.  I am sleeping reasonably well.

Maybe my body know's I'm taking holidays in 3 weeks and it's testing my patience for those holidays to arrive.  I've only had 9 holiday/vacation days off work since I started working for my dad in 2008.  I've had a few sick days thrown in there too, but I guess I haven't had much time to relax in a long while.  The kind of time to relax, where I can let go of pressures at work, at church and just in general life, and for the responsibilities that go along with those things, to vanish and let me be free from them! 

America.  You had better make me a whole new refreshed better self.  Or else.

On a happier note.  I finished my skirt today.  Well, like 90% finished.  I could wear it if I wanted to, but I would like to overlock the seams because, there are ALOT of seams and lots of fabric that is fraying that need to be stopped!  So I think I may give it a test run but aside from that I will endeavour to get it overlocked so I can wear it as often as I please.  I love the way it's turned out.

Ok I need to stop talking about it because you probably want pictures and I have none. Whoops, my bad.

I have been thinking what to work on next.  Here are my options.

1.  Mod Podge trinket box for my niece for Christmas
2.  Mod Podge wooden train garland for my nephew for Christmas
3.  Make a start on repainting GIANT Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Framed Mirror that I found in an Op Shop for $5 aaaages ago.  I think it's his birthday present so I may let that one go a little longer.  His birthday isn't until March.
4.  Another skirt for me.
5.  Making the little girls dress from the pattern I bought at the Op Shop for $1 the other day.
6.  Make Christmas Cards
7.  Make patchwork fabric canvas for our bedroom with co-ordinating throw cushions for the bed.
8.  Make a softie.
9. Make real fabric bunting for the first time.
10.  Get a pedicure.

I might go for 1, 2, 6 & 10 (if the husby allows).

What do you think?

Oh crap I haven't put up any photos yet.  Ummm....

I know it's not crafty.. but it's just SO appropriate right now :)

I have a busy weekend which really has already began.  Last night we had company for dinner, then had to clean up, and reshuffle the furniture in the house for company tonight.  We (husby and I) did a cleaning overhaul of the entire house.  It is sparkling clean!  I think the only thing that didn't get cleaned was the shower, cause we ran out of puff.  Husby's work mates and their spouses are coming over for a BBQ dinner.  It should be good fun.  And then first up Saturday morning I'm hosting a Stampin Up party.  Busy busy!!

OH!  I almost forgot to show you these..

Tatertots & Jello made them on their blog and did a tutorial of how to make them here.  I think they're brilliant.  I may try it but just using the appliqueing method.  Love them!

Hope your Friday is full of fun and crafting successes!

Until tomorrow!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

My creative space...


It's a work in progress.

7 tiers.

Every time I finish a tier I get more and more excited about how it will look when finished.

Just working on the 7th tier now, then all I need to do is hem and put in the waistband.

Maybe I'll have it finished by tomorrow...

Look over to your right... Does anything look different in my sidebar?

I have a updated button!!

Thanks husby.  Make sure you pop it on your page!

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another giveaway or two or fifty.

I am scanning at work today.  Scanning LARGE documents.  There is nothing to do whilst waiting for a document to finish, so I"ve been on the hunt for more giveaways.  So here a couple of goodies I've found!

Die Cut Sets & Digi Stamps

Check out this giveaway on Sentiments 4 You.

Scrappin Stuff

Check out this giveaway from Cute Cards & Crafts by Jamie.

Paper, Embellishments & More

Check out this giveaway from Scrappy Latina. (you may need to use google translate)

Embellishments Galore

Check out this giveaway from The Paint Brush Goes Spotty.

Good luck!


11 days to go.  I'm not counting or anything.

I made a little outfit the other day.

I was pretty chuffed with how schnookums it was.  I decided to try it on my niece for good measure.

Yep.  It's still cute.  Just like the little schnookums wearing it.

Until tomorrow


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deals of the Day

I had ALOT of errands to run today.  New pillow, groceries, plan for 3 social eating events over the weekend, get lightbulb, get spray paint, get clock, get coat hangers, get dustbuster, get electric kitchen scales, get Christmas coloured candles.. just to name a few.  Now for some reason getting these items meant going to a zillion different stores, and I wasn't even successful in getting it all.  BUT, I found myself some bargains.  And I slipped into an Op Shop I haven't been to in a few months and was pleasantly suprised to find something that I had been thinking about going to Spotlight (giant craft store 30 mins away) to buy.  Anyway, here's what I found...

50% off..woohoo!  These are for upcoming Baby Shower Baskets.  I heart Aldi.

Vintage dress pattern.  Excited to try and make this.  I've never tried to make something on my own from a pattern before.  HOW CUTE IS IT!!  And the best part is it was $1. Good ole Vinnies!

Another Vinnie's find, a cane wreath for $3.  This is what I was going to go over to Spotlight to buy, but there it was waiting for me in the Op Shop.  Gotta love the timing.

No I'm not pregnant.  But the husby and I like to talk names.  We have very different idea's of what our children should be called, so we're getting in early and discovering what we do and don't like.. and it's a GIGANTIC book and was only $5.  So I thought why not!  It'll probably provide us with some good entertainment over the years.

An old Reader's Digest book, which I have plans to tear apart and use the pages in decopaging.  $2.

This towel was $3.01 from Target.  It was in the throw away bins area up the back cause it came in a set and the other towel went walk about.  I have a couple of ideas of how I could use it.  

And lastly, I spoke about the box I decopaged the other day in one of my blog posts.  It was an ugly blue shoebox that I kept my hot glue gun and glue sticks, and heat gun in.  I decided it needed jazzing up and decopaged it cause it's nice and easy and effective.

I have plans to put my Christmas decoration up in about two weeks time.  Husby and I are heading overseas on Nov 12th for a whole month.  We get home on Dec 10th, in the heart of Christmas season!!  I want to come home to a house full of Christmas so am doing it all before I leave.  The reason I'm telling you this, is I am SO tempted to put up my decorations already.  I am getting weak and impatient.  But I will be strong, and leave my box in the cupboard for another week or so.  

I feel like a kid again haha.  

Well I need to clean up the disgracefully embarrassing mess in my Craft Room.  Then I'm gonna take a shower, take a nanna nap, make dinner and then head out to my YW's mutual activity tonight.  We're just going Personal Progress planning so it's gonna be casual and fun.  

Until tomorrow,


Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok, so today has become a day of joining every giveaway I can possibly find.

I'm going a bit overboard on entering giveaways, so instead of continuing to post a seperate link for every one I find, I'm gonna put them all in here!

Fat Quarter Fabric & Teatowel Giveaway

Check out the giveaway on Flower Press!!

Martha Stewart Punch Set Giveaway

Check out the giveaway on ABC Toys and Crafts

Jingle Bell Ride Stamp Set.

Check out the giveaway on Pinkpuds

Transparency's, Embellishments & Other Goodies

Check out the giveaway on Little Smiles From White Ribbons

Mixed Package of Scrapbooking Goodies

Check out the giveaway on Pretty Little Paper Love.

Suprise Blog Candy Gift

Check out the giveaway on Floral Fantasies.

Bundle of Goodies

Check out the giveaway on Crafting Life's Pieces.

Ribbons & Embellishment Pack

Check out the giveaway on Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings. 

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!  I sure hope I win something.  I love winning!!  Good luck to you all!!


Most GENEROUS giveaway I have EVER SEEN!

Holy cow.  Check out this photo...

Karen from Feline Playful is giving ALL of this away in a milestone giveaway - plus some more things not included in the photo.  I decided the photo needed to be gianormous to make sure you can see all of the amazing things she is giving away.  I'm in TOTAL shock at her generosity.  Please go check out the conditions of entry.. it is so easy to win and you could be the lucky winner!!

Good luck!!


Giveaway - get in quick, it closes in a few hours!

Cute Cards & Crafts by Jamie has an awesome giveaway of Acid Free BIC coloured marker pens.. but the giveaway closes in a few hours!! Get in quick if you're interested!

Yay for giveaways!!

Good luck!


Selfish reasons

I have mentioned before how much I struggle posting daily for Blogtoberfest.  I'm past the half way bump which I'm super glad about.  But there is something I have also been thinking about.  What is the point in posting daily?  I mean, is anyone even reading my posts?

So today I ask you this, do you read my posts?  If you do, leave a comment.  You have no idea what it would mean to me!

In the meantime, here are some cute things I've found lately to make this post more visually appealing. 

Don't forget to leave a comment! (my ego is lacking in a big way)

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Midnight Madess, Skirt Making & Proposals.

So today's post is more of what I've been up to this week.

I forgot to add these photo's from the Midnight Madness which was mentioned in yesterday's blog post.  I TRIED, (tried being the main word in this whole sentence) to take some creative shots of the going ons of the room.  After trying for about 2 mins I forgot about it the rest of the night.. DOH!!
See that lady in the second picture with the short brown hair on the far right side, turning her head off to the right?  Yeah, that's my mum :)

I also forgot to mention that I got a Christmas Stitchery that night, which I haven't even looked at yet.  But I decided I'm going to take it to Amrika with me next month and it will give me something to do when I'm bored.  I'll show you once I get started on it.

I have started making myself a skirt.  I even drafted the pattern all by myself.  And the best part is I had to make it from A4 paper, all sticky taped together for the pieces.  It is going to be a 7 tiered patchwork gypsy skirt.  Here are the delicious fun fabrics I chose to use (from my stash):
So far I've only completed two tiers.. so I'll show you once it's all done.  I plan on working on it more this afternoon/tonight.

Yesterday husby and I went to Southbank on the Brisbane River, which is right opposite Brisbane CBD.  We were there on a mission.  You see, my brother proposed to his girlfriend yesterday, and he wanted the proposal to be an all day thing.  So they re-lived previous dates/experiences they've had.  One was they rode scooters around Southbank.  There were MANY stations and at each station there was a clue to the next location.  Anyway, our station was to have two scooters set up in a certain spot at Southbank, with a blue balloon and a Chuppa Chup attached to each scooter, and also to have the clue attached to a scooter.
We positioned ourselves a good 10 metres away under a big ole Palm Tree.
It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was amazing.  It has been raining here for pretty much 2 weeks.  I even got a little sunburn on my face, which for some reason excited me.  The lack of sunlight really made me cuckoo.
ANYWAY...  so we were somewhat hidden from the scooters, but close enough to make sure no one nicked them. 
This is right after they found the scooters.  They found us and came over for a piccie.

Well that's all I have time for, I'm heading over to my parents place for a family dinner to find out all the proposal stories.  I also decopaged a box today, but will show you piccies tomorrow when it's dry.  Hope you had a creative fun day!

Until tomorrow,