Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deals of the Day

I had ALOT of errands to run today.  New pillow, groceries, plan for 3 social eating events over the weekend, get lightbulb, get spray paint, get clock, get coat hangers, get dustbuster, get electric kitchen scales, get Christmas coloured candles.. just to name a few.  Now for some reason getting these items meant going to a zillion different stores, and I wasn't even successful in getting it all.  BUT, I found myself some bargains.  And I slipped into an Op Shop I haven't been to in a few months and was pleasantly suprised to find something that I had been thinking about going to Spotlight (giant craft store 30 mins away) to buy.  Anyway, here's what I found...

50% off..woohoo!  These are for upcoming Baby Shower Baskets.  I heart Aldi.

Vintage dress pattern.  Excited to try and make this.  I've never tried to make something on my own from a pattern before.  HOW CUTE IS IT!!  And the best part is it was $1. Good ole Vinnies!

Another Vinnie's find, a cane wreath for $3.  This is what I was going to go over to Spotlight to buy, but there it was waiting for me in the Op Shop.  Gotta love the timing.

No I'm not pregnant.  But the husby and I like to talk names.  We have very different idea's of what our children should be called, so we're getting in early and discovering what we do and don't like.. and it's a GIGANTIC book and was only $5.  So I thought why not!  It'll probably provide us with some good entertainment over the years.

An old Reader's Digest book, which I have plans to tear apart and use the pages in decopaging.  $2.

This towel was $3.01 from Target.  It was in the throw away bins area up the back cause it came in a set and the other towel went walk about.  I have a couple of ideas of how I could use it.  

And lastly, I spoke about the box I decopaged the other day in one of my blog posts.  It was an ugly blue shoebox that I kept my hot glue gun and glue sticks, and heat gun in.  I decided it needed jazzing up and decopaged it cause it's nice and easy and effective.

I have plans to put my Christmas decoration up in about two weeks time.  Husby and I are heading overseas on Nov 12th for a whole month.  We get home on Dec 10th, in the heart of Christmas season!!  I want to come home to a house full of Christmas so am doing it all before I leave.  The reason I'm telling you this, is I am SO tempted to put up my decorations already.  I am getting weak and impatient.  But I will be strong, and leave my box in the cupboard for another week or so.  

I feel like a kid again haha.  

Well I need to clean up the disgracefully embarrassing mess in my Craft Room.  Then I'm gonna take a shower, take a nanna nap, make dinner and then head out to my YW's mutual activity tonight.  We're just going Personal Progress planning so it's gonna be casual and fun.  

Until tomorrow,



Maioha said...

I've been hanging out for MONTHS to put up my Christmas decs. So when I was home sick for the last few days, I couldn't help myself and gave in. Just a little though. I've put a few up in our lounge room and I love it!

I can't wait for the rest to go up but it will have to wait until this weekend when Cam helps me move the organ out of the Christmas tree spot. And then BAM! The decs will be up and making me happy! Hooray!

A Christy Production said...

Haha!! I might do it next week. I don't think I can wait two weeks.