Friday, October 22, 2010

Just tired.

Wow.  I am tired folks.  I am the kind of tired that I've felt in the past, like after climbing a mountain, like skiing all day,  like being forced to run in the marathon at school, like the day of my sisters wedding, like the day of my wedding, like it's taken me 48 hours to get from one part of the world back to my house on the other side of the world, like I never went to bed and had to go to work.  I think you get the picture.  Problem is.. I don't know HOW I got to be this tired.  I get 7-9 hours sleep a night.  I am sleeping reasonably well.

Maybe my body know's I'm taking holidays in 3 weeks and it's testing my patience for those holidays to arrive.  I've only had 9 holiday/vacation days off work since I started working for my dad in 2008.  I've had a few sick days thrown in there too, but I guess I haven't had much time to relax in a long while.  The kind of time to relax, where I can let go of pressures at work, at church and just in general life, and for the responsibilities that go along with those things, to vanish and let me be free from them! 

America.  You had better make me a whole new refreshed better self.  Or else.

On a happier note.  I finished my skirt today.  Well, like 90% finished.  I could wear it if I wanted to, but I would like to overlock the seams because, there are ALOT of seams and lots of fabric that is fraying that need to be stopped!  So I think I may give it a test run but aside from that I will endeavour to get it overlocked so I can wear it as often as I please.  I love the way it's turned out.

Ok I need to stop talking about it because you probably want pictures and I have none. Whoops, my bad.

I have been thinking what to work on next.  Here are my options.

1.  Mod Podge trinket box for my niece for Christmas
2.  Mod Podge wooden train garland for my nephew for Christmas
3.  Make a start on repainting GIANT Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Framed Mirror that I found in an Op Shop for $5 aaaages ago.  I think it's his birthday present so I may let that one go a little longer.  His birthday isn't until March.
4.  Another skirt for me.
5.  Making the little girls dress from the pattern I bought at the Op Shop for $1 the other day.
6.  Make Christmas Cards
7.  Make patchwork fabric canvas for our bedroom with co-ordinating throw cushions for the bed.
8.  Make a softie.
9. Make real fabric bunting for the first time.
10.  Get a pedicure.

I might go for 1, 2, 6 & 10 (if the husby allows).

What do you think?

Oh crap I haven't put up any photos yet.  Ummm....

I know it's not crafty.. but it's just SO appropriate right now :)

I have a busy weekend which really has already began.  Last night we had company for dinner, then had to clean up, and reshuffle the furniture in the house for company tonight.  We (husby and I) did a cleaning overhaul of the entire house.  It is sparkling clean!  I think the only thing that didn't get cleaned was the shower, cause we ran out of puff.  Husby's work mates and their spouses are coming over for a BBQ dinner.  It should be good fun.  And then first up Saturday morning I'm hosting a Stampin Up party.  Busy busy!!

OH!  I almost forgot to show you these..

Tatertots & Jello made them on their blog and did a tutorial of how to make them here.  I think they're brilliant.  I may try it but just using the appliqueing method.  Love them!

Hope your Friday is full of fun and crafting successes!

Until tomorrow!!



Maioha said...

Get the pedicure for sure! Spoil yourself before the Christmas rush begins.

I also reckon that if you make the fabric canvas and throw cushions, they would be lovely to come home to when you get back from your trip.

Those ornament pillows are just gorgeous! One day I'd like to make those.

Oh yeah, that comic picture is VERY appropriate.

Denise said...

1, 2 and especially 10 sounds pretty good. Hope you get some rest tonight.

A Christy Production said...

I have been umming and ahhing about a pedicure for months. I might just do it. I think I'll work on 1 & 2 first to get them out of the way for Christmas for sure. Then I might work on my canvas and cushions.

I am dying for this holiday... 3 weeks to go!!! This time in 3 weeks I'll be above the clouds on my way to the USA!

Just ME said...

I think you should do 6,7,8 & 9. Do the bunting in Christmas fabrics and it will be such a lovely festive addition to your home. And it is SO quick and easy.
And I may be totally wrong but I've found homemade gifts are wasted on young children, unless they are really cool and useable.
I want to make a softie - saw the most gorgeous owl at the shops today and want to make my own. hmmmm need a pattern though!

Anonymous said...

just maybe....that kind of tired could mean......pregnancy.....!!!!!!!!

A Christy Production said...

Well what I'm making/half way through making for my niece is a practical gift that I know she needs so I feel confident it won't be wasted.

And I'm not pregnant Linda. Don't you go starting up rumours now!! :P