Sunday, January 16, 2011

Softies for Smiles - Flood Relief for Kids!

(If you are unaware of the current situation in Queensland, Australia, go here & here to find out.)

After witnessing so much loss, sorrow, heartache & utter chaos I have decided to put into action a plan to help some of the little people out there.    I guess as adults we can understand the concept of loss a little better.  We know that in the end everything will be OK, which brings a sense of relief.  I think this is a harder concept for a child to grasp.  To them, they have just lost their home.  Their bedroom.  Their precious possessions.  Their toys.  What horrible childhood memories this flood has created for them.  I hope to bring a little glimpse of joy back into their lives, and give them something to play with.  Something to give them comfort and bring back some normality!

This is why I have decided to focus my efforts on making Softies for children, in hopes that we can put a smile on their face!

Here's how it works.

  • Make a Softie, doll, animal... anything you like.  There are plenty of free Softie patterns all over the internet.  But to make your life easier, you can look here, here, here, here or here for some ideas.  (These are a few I just found in Google now).  It can be big, small, colourful, made of fabric, knitted.... it doesn't matter!  As long as it's a toy!!  It doesn't matter if you have never made a Softie before.   Just keep it simple!  Use the internet to give you more ideas, and tips.  And if you're feeling brave why not draft your own Softie pattern (this is how I made the monster Softie above!)
  • I ask that Softies be finished and sent to me by 31st March.  I am flexible with that, but I know how busy life is and I find it easier to have a date to work towards.  At this point in time I do not know exactly where the Softies will go but am working on that now and will let you know ASAP!  
  • If you want to join in please let me know!!  I will put your in my sidebar as a participant so that everyone can see how wonderful you are!!  Also if you are participating, please grab the button at the top of my sidebar and put it on your blog so we can spread the word.   The more Softies, the more smiles on childrens faces!
  • If you are able to make a Softie or two, I ask that you attach a small note/card to each toy that you send in for the recipient.   Just a nice extra touch to let them know that a complete stranger cares about them. 
    • If you are unable to make a Softie, but have fabric/accessories you are willing to donate towards the cause please let me know.
      If you know of any families or businesses that would benefit from the Softie for Smiles Appeal PLEASE tell me about them!!!  I would love to be able to help YOUR loved ones and friends.

      There are tonnes of fabulous people out there doing similar things.  Pop over to Retromummy's blog where Corrie is hosting "Quilts for Queensland".  You can also go to Her Library Adventures, Sophie is donating money from her store sales towards the Premier's Flood Appeal.  And then there is also the Online Auctions of all things crafty.  Pop over to Toni's blog, Make it Perfect to see the master list of all the fantastic people auctioning off their goods for the Flood Appeal.

      Thanks in advance!!



      The Clip Cafe said...

      Will try and get one done for you! I am going to be sewing my butt off this next month :-) NO MORE SWAP for me for a while I think I have over loaded my self with things. Ah well all fun i guess. At least the pif is over a year! But i don't want to forget what i have said....have to get a diary i think. Will let you know when I have done my softie.

      Lisa said...

      hello i just found you through the clip cafe blog :) I will make a softie not sure how Great it will turn out (beginner sewer) but what a fabulous way to help! I have also put the button on my side bar and i also put in the discussion board over at born2create.

      Emily said...

      Hi! This is a great idea. What about NSW and Victoria?

      chrisw said...

      I would love to join in,this is a fabulous idea

      Purple Paisley Patch said...

      Hi Christy, what a great idea, I'd love to join in.
      E: kfiedler(at)

      Leonie said...

      In the midst of moving internationally so I thought I wouldnt be able to do it..but am sure I can make a couple by end of March!
      Would love to contribute.

      Tina said...

      Hi Christy. I would love to make and send a softie for your drive. Sorry if I missed this, but could you please email me your postal address and I will make it and post asap. Would you mind if I posted about your softie drive on my blog? I think what you are doing is fabulous. My email is Thanks ~ Tina x

      Natasha said...

      I wish I could sew so I could make one too but I am completely useless with a needle and thread. I will pass on this info to some people I know who can sew though, and I will definitely add your button to my blog. Thank you for this wonderful idea. Thanks to Tina for sending me over here too.

      Blessings and best wishes,

      Tiff said...

      Hi! I have two to send to you.... if can find the right box ( I am in the middle of moving house) and I WILL because it is such a good cause... I finished a birdie and a babushka just before Christmas (there may even be a jellyfish in there too!) and they are just waiting for a good home! Just give me the addresss and I am on to it! X

      Lisa said...

      I have 3 done for you! :)
      do you know where these are going to be sent? hugs

      Sew Happy Jan said...

      This is a wonderful idea and I have some made and ready to hit the mail system but was wondering if a mailing address could be given :)

      Lisa said...

      Im after a address to :)