Friday, January 21, 2011

I went shopping!

So we've been doing some shopping lately.  And luck has been on our side.  Leading up to getting married almost two years ago, I started gathering.  I managed to fill our entire house with furniture which cost me a total of $50.  Sure everything was mismatched but we had everything we needed.  About a year ago we lashed out and bought a LCD TV and TV unit.  But up until recently, we persevered with our hand-me-down furniture.  

Then about two weeks ago we bought a dining suite.  It is second hand, but in really top condition.
(Excuse the fact that it's stuffed up in the corner cause we're storing other crap in our dining room ATM)
And then a few days later, our Landlord installed AC!  Upstairs in our bedroom and in the living area downstairs.

And while the Landlord was at it, he put in a brand new cooktop/oven!!

And then we were went to The Good Guys (whitegoods appliance store) and we were taking a look at new fridges.  We were given one for free when we got married and it is VERY old.  It was very much on the way out and needed replacing.  And we were probably spending a fortune running it.  2 hours later we accidentally bought a fridge...

And I of course have already adorned it in our 'stuff'.

You would think we would be satisfied with what we had so far.  But no.  We went shopping again.  A few days later I found something we'd been looking out for, for a few months now.  A shelf for all our DVD's!

The thing I love about it most is the fact it's leaning....

 And then that night, we were doing the groceries at Aldi, and they happened to have deep freezers as one of their specialty items.  So we bought one.  We had made plans to buy a deep freezer in the upcoming months, but couldn't pass this one by!

And then when you thought I was done.  A few days ago husby and I were sitting in his study chatting.  He was fiddling a little on his computer and then all of a sudden he had this freak out moment and couldn't speak and grabbed for his phone and I was confused and asking what was going on.  He muttered something along the lines of "can't talk must text free piano".  He had spotted a FREE antique piano online.  He texted as fast as his little fingers would go that we wanted it!  I hadn't even seen a picture of it until after the text was sent.  We didn't hear back from the lady that night so assumed we were too late and went to bed sad that we'd missed out on such a beauty. 

Then the next morning husby was downstairs in the kitchen making our lunches for work while I was still upstairs finishing getting ready.  Then I hear this man scream "WE GOT IT".  The lady texted back and the piano was OURS!!  Husby phoned around to piano removalists and managed to find one that was available that very same day!! (piano delivery day was the same day as my flood clean up day in Fairfield).  Luckily my dad needed to leave right after lunch so I had an hour or so to re-arrange all of the furniture in my whole downstairs!  It only cost a small fortune for the removalists, but it's OK because the piano was FREE!!

As you can see, it's an Emerson.  I hadn't heard of Emerson before, but husby had.  (might have something to do with the fact that he's American and Emerson's originate from the USA).  The delivery guy took an interest in my new piano.  He had never seen one before, and he was an a piano enthusiast (fancy that).  He said it would be worth my while to look into where it came from and when it was made.  We have done a little bit of research and my little free piano is known as "the sweet toned Emerson" and is potentially worth a small fortune.  I don't think that lovely old lady knew exactly what she was just giving away.

She's all settled in and looking pretty.

And then you thought I was finished again.  But I'm not.

Husby found a washing machine online too.  9.5kg Simpson.  Only used 30 times.  

So he went and got it after work :)

And now I'm done.  

Well for now.  Landlord is having tradies come in and give quotes for a paint job inside and new carpet upstairs.  Oh how I look forward to the rent increases that will result in all these improvements!!!

I'm feeling super dooper lucky!!  Loving all our new treasures. 

And just a little something extra.  I took this while cooking dinner tonight.  Thought I'd experiment with some of my macro settings :)

Have a good weekend everyone.  I'll be spending mine making people's hair beautiful for a wedding, going to the reception, doing more cleaning out in the flood affected areas and going to church.  While I am out cleaning tomorrow, I will be trying to make contact with families who have children who have lost everything.  Hopefully these families and children will become the new owners of all the beautiful Softies that are being made for my Softies for Smiles appeal.  It's not too late to join in! 

I'm also still looking for 5 lucky people to Pay It Forward too!

See ya later!!


Anonymous said...

My oh my Christy, that is indeed a huge haul!!
The piano is gorgeous...I don't play but have always wanted one to tinker on :)

Jessica said...

All your new goodies look wonderful. Your landlord sounds wonderful, I'm still trying to get mine to fix a window that broke 2yrs ago.

Christine M said...

You've done well Christy. The piano looks lovely. When my husband and I got married nearly 16 years ago, the only thing we doubled up on was pianos! lol We had one in the lounge and one in the spare bedroom (now my sewing room). After about 3 years we gave one to a niece. The one in my sewing room is still in the sewing room!

The Clip Cafe said...

What a lovely looking piano! Is it in tune? Do the pads need replacing or anything? I love the ornate square bits on it. Love all your newies too! Do you have new camera? or are just finding bits on it to use? Gotta love good landlords. We have one where we are (touch wood!). Have a great rest of the weekend xx

Maioha said...

What an awesome week! (or however long that all took). The piano is gorgeous. Hi-five! :-)

Maioha said...

What an awesome week! (or however long that all took). The piano is gorgeous. Hi-five! :-)