Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Well this week I think was the most successful thrifting experience in my life thus far.  I just kept finding amazing things.  There's no real story to go along with these pictures.  So I'll just show you all the pictures and you can drool :)

Vintage pillowcases
More pillowcases
Vintage kids clothes patterns
More patterns...
And more again.

Delicious wool

Someone cleared out their button collection..,
Check out the one in the top right corner... It's adorable.
A closeup.
Love these buttons!
Love these vintage random buttons!
Not sure how I'm going to use this gorgeous trim yet but I'm sure I'll find something!
Some amazingly talented granny out there threw out her collection of doiley's.  How cute are all these little ones!! That's not even all of them!!
Some of the big ones made by the same lady.
And I stocked up on some of the basic colours.

 So as you can see I was rather successful.  Finding new homes for all these goodies was interesting.  I can't wait to start creating with it all!

Now don't forget my Auctions end tomorrow night at midnight.

Go here, here and here to check them out and make last minute bids!



laurenthequeen said...

Does this mean you have enough doilies to make another doilie runner? :0)

The Clip Cafe said...

NO fair!!! I never find stuff like that! It is drool worthy alright! The buttons, The Doilies, The Trim OH MY!!!

Dianne said...

I need to find a new op shop. My local one went under in the flood... And I miss my op-shop fabric shopping.

PaisleyJade said...

Love your stash - especially the fabric and wool!!

Marg said...

Wow that's quite a stash there, I very rarely find much here when I go op shopping. Love the doilies.

karlyn Jackson said...

loving those buttons!

Erica Louise said...

Goodness me, what a lovely selection you have there, I particularly like the vintage and stars and stripes buttons

Tammi said...

This is what I miss about thrifting and markets in Brisbane....great haul you have there Christy!!

Tiff said...

Some awesome finds there! I wouldn't mind that fabric! X

Alyssa said...

Ok seriously, that's just unfair. ;) Really though, amazing finds. All of my favorite things {including the wool!}. Lucky you!

Cherie said...

Oh well done, love a success story like yours, good on you, hope you score the same again this week Yayyyyyyyy ;-)