Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day & Nanna's goodies.

Yesterday was Australia Day.  It was pretty unofficial and relaxing and I liked it.  I had a real nice sleep in and woke up feeling well rested which doesn't happen often.  Husby and I pottered around the house and did some laundry, then showered and headed over to the parents house where we had a swim and chatted and ate and laughed and all those nice fun things.  My nephew of course enjoyed a swim as he always does.  His dad was teaching him how to dive.  Schnookums huh!

I forgot to take the camera in the pool when we were all in there but oh well!
When we got out of the pool we were sitting around outside drip drying and my Nan showed up.  She was joining us for dinner and she had brought along some delights to show me and my sister (since we're both into sewing and crafting).  She bought one of her old sewing boxes FULL of goodies!!!  We divided the goods up between the two of us and I ended up with a tonne of lace, binding, ribbon, felt, some wool, and fabric!

 And then she pulled out this box...

 And she opened it and this was what was inside...

It's a vintage tableclothe/clothe napkin set!  I love it!!

Nan & Pop were given this set as an ENGAGEMENT PRESENT, 60 something years ago.  The card was still in the box!  Nan never used it because it was "too nice".  I was happy to snatch it up because I think it's gorgeous and I will DEFINITELY use it haha!!  Good old Nanna!!

It just needs a wash and an iron and it's ready to rumble.

Hope you enjoyed your Australia Day!


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The Clip Cafe said...

*tisk*tisk* forgetting to take the underwater!! camera in the good photographer does that! *ahem* say me who always forgets or is just too plain nervous to take any pics sometimes! Oh how cool to share in the goodies - i love the table clothe and the sticker - i thought it was going to say your name on it when it says production! lol That would have been cool.