Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding preparations.

Well yesterday my brother got married!  Yay!  Now all of us are married!  I will do another post of wedding piccies and such, but for now I want to share some of things we made and did for the wedding.  There was minimal budget, and considering the wedding ended up being the week of the floods, everything got downsized and simplified....which added to the last minute stress of course.  

Last week, my sister Alicia, my SIL Bethany & I got together one day to make these....

Isn't that fabric just amazing?  It was originally for Bridesmaid's dresses.  But time was not on our side and the dress idea got scrapped, and we made these instead!  We used them to decorate the Reception Hall like this..

...and the Wishing Well like this....

And then there was the cake.  Whoa this was an interesting job.

In the fridge after finishing for the night.  The rest of the icing flower blob things & fresh flowers were added the day of the wedding

We tried to make fondant flowers last Sunday night.  The humidity we are experiencing here in Australia (because it's Summer) did not allow this to happen.  It made the fondant gooey, sticky & it just fell apart.  We didn't know what to do.  So Bethany & I decided to make up our own style of fondant.  I can't give up the recipe, but it pretty much was amazing.  We ended up with White Chocolate & Coconut Fondant.  We didn't make it too stiff.  We didn't need to roll it out and place it on the cake.  We just grabbed chunks of the fondant out of the bowl and patted it down on the cake and then shaped it.  We didn't want it perfect, we wanted it to have a slight 'rustic' look.  (I forgot the mention Bethany & her friend MADE the mudcakes themselves and they tasted aaaamazing).  

After we patted the fondant onto the cake, we used this amazing pattern sheet of plastic.  It was a roses pattern.  Then we coated it in a Pearl sheen spray.  Then the pearls around the bottom, and the icing flower blobs around each layer.  

Day of the wedding one of the ladies helping for the Reception is luckily a florist and she placed the roses on the cake for us.  She did an amazing job.

And then there is the hair piece.  I don't actually have a proper photo of this because I FORGOT TO TAKE ONE!! Doh!!  It was a combined effort from Bethany and I.  While I was sewing the clip onto the felt, she twisted the fabric into a perfect rose shape.  We were trying to match the fabric roses that came on her dress...

This is the best picture I could find on my camera of the flowers in her hair.  It was basically one small one and one big one, and the little one was clipped on top of the big one so it looked overlapped.  

Sorry they're not very good photos. 

Bethany and I also made thank you cards for all of the guests, but I forgot to take photos of those too.  

And I think that is everything that I had my hand in helping to make for the wedding....  



The Clip Cafe said...

It all looks so so nice! Love the blue fabric and your creations. That cake looks awesome too! Glad it all went well :-) I would have stressed out soo much doing all that you guys did a great job!

Maioha said...

I'm pretty sure I got a photo of her hair piece so I'll send it to you :-)