Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big day!

What a day!  I went out to Fairfield with my dad today.  It was one of the suburbs that was hit the worst.  They were told they would not flood.  But they DID flood, up to their ceilings.  I think they started evacuating as they watched the water come for them.  So they didn't have much time.  Most people lost everything, accept what they could stuff in their cars as the waters rose up their ankles.  My dad was lucky and yesterday he was able to help people empty their houses and get started on the big jobs.  Today was more of a follow up on that.  I was ready to get dirty!!  But I didn't get very dirty :)

I only took a couple of photos.  I felt guilty, like I was there to be a tourist, and not a volunteer.  So I snuck one photo while still in the car, and two inside a house when I was the only person in there.

When we arrived on the street we were working on, there were army personnel everywhere. 

They just helped wherever they could.  Ripping things out, taking away rubbish.  They were pretty awesome!

My dad showed me some of the houses he worked on yesterday.  One particular house, was emptied by dad and a few others yesterday.  The tenants are away in Sydney, and were there when the floods came in last week.  What a horrible thing to come back to.  A mud sludge house, and all of your belongings have either floated away or been destroyed and thrown out.  Her dad was there today to check it out.  He didn't want to go inside and see the damage, it was too hard for him to see. 

These photos were from inside this house.

It was just heartbreaking to see such a beautiful house destroyed. 
The water went all the way up to the moulding on the ceiling. 

After seeing this house we went across the road to help a lovely widow that dad spoke to yesterday.  He promised her he would high pressure hose all the mud off her house for her.  So he did!  I went inside and cleaned up all of the furniture she was able to get up high enough that it didn't get damaged.  She had beautiful antique furniture and doors, so I did my best to restore them back to their previous condition.  There were sparkies re-wiring the house while I was there too.  Poor guys had to crawl under the house in the sludge.

Luckily there were nurses roaming the streets offering free tetanus shots! 

We took a lunch break and found that a group of volunteers were putting on a BBQ on the street corner!  So we had delicious sausages on bread for lunch and some biccies that I had packed. 

Luckily the weather eased off a little today so it wasn't too uncomfortable. 

Well I think that's everything.  I really didn't do much.  I just sat in a house washing down furniture!  But when the lady came home after lunch and found out I'd just cleaned her furniture for her, I could see the expression on her face change.  It was so nice to see how much of a difference that made for her. 


Now for a few housekeeping things!!

Thank you everyone who has volunteered to make a Softie for my Softie for Smiles Appeal!! You are amazing.  It's not too late to join in!  Just pop over here to find out the details and let me know if you want to participate!!  (If you have already signed up and I have missed your name on the participants list in my sidebar, please let me know!! I think I have everyone... but is also likely that I don't :P)

Also on that note, I have been speaking with a few people and may have a place for all of your beautiful softies to go soon!  I don't want to tell you just yet, until I know for sure so I'll keep you posted.

My auctions are picking up!!  Yay!!  I'm so glad that my goodies will be going to new homes next week!  Don't forget to check them out here, here and here!  It's all for a good cause!!

Also on the topic of auctions, if you have a moment, pop over to Dianne's Little Corner.  She is a friend of mine who spent a good couple of days making lots of cute kiddies clothes to auction off and as yet, has not had much traffic to her blog for the auctions.  I'd love to see all her goodies go to new homes too!!  

Ok I'm still going.. sorry!

Don't forget to pop over to my shop!  Lots of goodies still available!

And last but not least... I have signed up to do a Pay It Forward this year.  Pop over here to learn more! 

PHEW!  Got through it all for now.  I have a list of all the things I need to blog about!  Getting a little behind :)  Life will be back to normal next week so I'll get a blogging again.  But to keep me accountable I'm going to tell you what I need to blog about.

- brother's wedding
- all our new furniture/appliances
- the piano (yes we got the piano and it's A-mazing)
- my flea market finds
- softies update
- summer photos

Just a few to keep me on my feet.

Hope you all enjoyed your day!



The Clip Cafe said...

Oh my goodness I just looked ta those pics and though - Where would you start!! Good on you for getting in and helping out down on the ground there. I would have loved to see the ladies expression :-) Off to check out your friends site now :-)

Lisa said...

wow what an amazing help you have been today.:)

PaisleyJade said...

You are awesome - the photos are amazing... can't imagine what many people will be facing. So great to be helping!

Dianne said...

Thanks for linking me Christy! I helped out at Goodna on Monday and it was heartbreaking to see all the homes, businesses etc that were affected. Especially driving past the caravan park and seeing caravans on top of caravans!

By the way, I'm going to try and make a softie or two, so sign me up!

Anonymous said...

You are doing such a wonderful job Christy helping out those affected by the floods.
Those photos are just heartbreaking, it looks like a war zone.