Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wow.  You women amaze me.  Today started out not so fun.  It is ending quite differently.  I feel so so very special and blessed.  You answered all of my questions and more, and in the meantime made me feel like I had a purpose.  I did my best to thank each of you individually for your kind words - unfortunately some of you did not have a return address, so THANK YOU for your advice, your encouragement and your time! 

To top off an amazing end of the day, husby just found a FREE VINTAGE PIANO online.  He texted the person immediately and we are both desperately waiting to hear back from them.  I hope we get it.  I miss playing the piano.  It is so soothing and relaxing. 

I look forward to what tomorrow brings.  I will be putting on my brand new gum boots (which came in the post today but my calves don't fit into them.. gonna have to trim them down a bit), putting on my oldest pair of jeans and a tshirt, armed with rags and a bucket and some chemicals, and I'm heading over to Fairfield with my dad to help clean houses that were inundated with water during the floods.  I'm looking forward to forgetting myself and lightening someone else's load.  I will have to be sure to take pictures to document what I anticipate to be an amazing day!! 

THANK YOU AGAIN!  I feel like a new person :)


Corrie said...

I'm so glad Christy! you have a heart of gold to be going out and helping people, I am sure you will make a difference to someone's day!


Lisa said...

great to hear your feeling better.:)

wow how awesome a vintage piano!!!
i havent played since high school.Hmm wonder if i still remember my notes.?!


Lisa said...

oh and what an AMAZING HEART YOU HAVE helping out those in need you will definatley be making a differece.

The Clip Cafe said...

Have a wonderful time Chicky!! I know it will be so helpful and very glad you are feeling lots better. Fingers crossed for that piano!!

Anonymous said...

That's so great. It's amazing what happens when we open ourselves up and put a bit of ourselves out there with bravery. Good for you!

Becky said...

Sounds like a great day ahead Christy. I would love to be able to help like that because I remember my time in Brisbane fondly.

Anonymous said...

You will definitely make a difference Christy.
So glad to hear you are feeling brighter

Tina said...

Hi Christy. I hope that you have had a great day, you are such an inspiration!! ~ Tina x

Tiff said...

If I could work my iPad properly I could perhaps email you but .... I am calling it a goal but it actually gap in my knowledge that I will work on when I get some spare time.... so I'll just leave you my email... .... you are doing a great thing & I couldn't be happier to help!
I think softies will make a difference to effected Brissy kids because we had a car accident a few years ago when an older man drove through a stop straight into us & my son was unhurt but very stressed, (he rode with me in the ambulance as I was put in a neck brace etc) he was given a crocheted bear softie by an ambulance officer which is a reminder but a comfort to him to this very day. It was made by our local CWA ladies and I will be forever grateful.
If I could do something remotely close to that for someone else I would be so pleased! X

If I could help out even just