Saturday, October 15, 2011

#15 - Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me + Hail!!!

I'm pretty huh?  Those are my awesome fly eyes I made and have been rabbiting on about.  Today I did a test run of the makeup.  I ended up going with something different then pictured above, but had to share that picture with you.  It horrendously hilarious.

And on another note, you can seriously tell we're about to go into Summer.  The wild thunderstorms have already arrived.  Throughout this week we have had 4 pretty decent thunderstorms, with hail in certain parts of the city.  One storm took the life of my SIL's workmate, who pulled over in his car because it was too dangerous to drive, and a tree fell on his car and tragically killed him.

Today, we had TWO HUGE storms.  The first was at 4am, so I only heard it as I TRIED to sleep.  Alot of loud thunder claps and really windy heavy rain.  Husby had to get up and close up all the windows upstairs because it was blowing in.  

And then the second storm quite LITERALLY rolled in at 5pm.  It was VERY dark clouds, and they were literally rolling horizontally.  I've never seen anything like it.  It almost looked like it was rolling down to where we were standing.  (And I realise this is probably making NO sense).  I was out when this storm approached and husby called me frantically from home "IT'S HAILING!!! WHERE'S THE CAR?? QUICK GET IT UNDER SOMETHING!!"  I ran back inside and told everyone else and we all ran out and moved out cars into better positions.  All we had to shelter the cars was some trees so we parked them and then went back inside and awaited the onslaught.  About 2 minutes later the rain and hail arrived.  

Only marble sized hail fell where we were - LUCKILY.  We were definitely looked after, because just two minutes down the road (and at home) they were the size of golf balls.  After the hail stopped and the rain eased off a little I went and collected my car back to pull it back into the main carpark of where I was and there were a few other people doing the same and we were chatting before getting in our cars.  And then lightning struck just off to the left of where we were.. HOLY COW, I had to swallow my internal organs back down.  We all screamed and ducked down.  I covered my ears immediately anticipating the super loud crack, which followed half a second later.  

Anyway, that is my adventure for the day.  I wonder if we'll get another storm tomorrow....


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