Sunday, October 16, 2011

#16 - Repetition... so much fun!

I'm attending Stampin' Up! Regionals beginning of November.  As part of attending you have the option of making card front to swap with people, so you can get lots of new cool ideas.  So I got together with two friends that are attending Regionals too, and we spend the night getting started on our designs.  I decided to make 60 card fronts.  We got started a little after 7pm.  We finished at 1am.  I was a zombie!!!  Got home at 1.25am and didn't get to sleep until 2am!!  I woke up Saturday morning to a thunderstorm at 4am, but promptly went back to sleep and didn't awake again until 9.30am!!!!  It was a gorgeous sleep in.  But I will have to admit, even thought I slept in to make up for being up so late, I have been stuffed ALL weekend.  I must be getting older.  Need my sleep too much!!!  

Anyway, Saturday afternoon and again this morning I worked on my card fronts, and I finally finished this morning.  They are all pretty, in their packaging, with the ingredients list inserted in the back, with my blog/shop/email details on a sticker on the back also.  They're all ready to Rock'n'Roll!!  

I am soooo glad they are finished.  The repetition was starting to get REALLY annoying.

Now I get to help the other two finish their card fronts off!!



The Creative Beast said...

That card design looks PRETTY!!

Dang that sleeping thing! We could get so much more work done if we didn't need it! ;)

Francis Family said...

i loved your cards Christy - seroiusly in my top 5! But yes, repition sucks!