Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Wonderful WIP - custom order for a friend.

A friend of mine saw the blog post I did a loong time ago with my doily table runner.  She wants two of her very own!  So after much forgetfulness to do it, and after needing to buy a new stash of doily's (which is a painfully long process of finding good ones that aren't overpriced with size/style/colour variations), I have layed out my designs and just need her approval to go ahead and sew them together.

The first one is a shorter one for her dresser and is 37 inches long.

And the second one is for the dining table and is 59 inches long.

Just waiting to hear from her whether it's a go ahead and if so I'll see how I go sewing them up on Thursday.  

I'm considering sewing one up for to put in the shop too.  They are just so gorgeous!

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The Clip Cafe said...

Gorgeous! I think it would sell well in your shop. I love them :-)