Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogger Butt Update

Well I offically weighed in Wednesday morning.  Even though I have been doing WW over two weeks now, I didn't weigh in straight away.  So my offical Week 1 loss was 4.1kg.  Impressive I must say, but hell it was hard to achieve.  I have years of bad eating and bad habits to undo!  Here's some of the things I experienced and also some thoughts that whirled around in my head last week.

- "Hell I want chocolate"
- "Why do I want chocolate?  I don't even like it..."
- "I'm hungry and I only ate food 10 minutes ago"
- "I wish I never had to pee cause then I wouldn't have to drink so much water"
- Grocery shopping takes twice the amount of time and about half as much again in money.
- I was suprised how easily I passed up opportunities to eat junk.
- Whilst walking past the bakery at the shops and smelling that delicious fresh warm aroma, and comtemplating in my head how I could work a fresh roll into my points for the day, another voice in my head came from nowhere and yelled "I WILL NOT LET FOOD CONTROL ME" - which is now my motto.
- I actually did a little exercise.
- I haven't been bloated AT ALL - which is amazing.  Trust me.  I used to be bloated on a daily basis due to food allergies.
- The weight loss can't be seen physically, but mentally I know it happened so that's all that matters.
- I came up with a 5 point dinner meal!!!  And there was enough for two dinners.

How did your week go?  Just remember - I WILL NOT LET FOOD CONTROL ME... and you'll do great!

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Don't forget about Softies for Smiles!  Will be posting about it soon.


The Clip Cafe said...

I MADE THEM I MADE THEM (softies that is! Will post them tomorrow morning or Monday). I wish I had your weight loss then i would be at my goal. I have been very bad food wise again this week. Ugh okay I am going to remember your motto. It will start tonight as we go out to friends for tea! I hope the voice screams at me....

Tiff said...

You are going so well with ww! Congrats! That's a great motto too! Have a happy week! X