Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bling on love... better late then never.

Maxabella & Gifts of serendipity are hosting a fun linky party where you can show off your favourite bling.  Considering my bling is limited, it made it easy which to share.  

Husby chose well for me.  I love my rings!  Plus I have obese fingers so I needed nice chunky rings so that my fingers didn't drown my bling.  You can link in here if you want to join in!



Felicity said...

Your man has very discerning taste - LOVE your bling!

Hoping that you had a terrific day and thank you for jumping on board to share your sparkle.

Felicity x

Maxabella said...

They. are. gorgeous! I can't believe your hub chose such beautiful, art-deco-style yumminess without any help. Now there's a fellow of good taste (but then you knew that already, right!?) x

The Clip Cafe said...

Sweet! I tried linking yesterday but wouldn't let me. Some people come up with such good linky idea's hey.

Kymmie said...

What wonderful taste your husband has. They are beautiful and look gorgeous on your fingers! xx